posted 7 years ago

Top Five New Hatchbacks for £20,000

Let us consider the top five new hatchbacks for £20,000.

About time too. Let us consider the top five new hatchbacks for £20,000. Now, there are numerous ways to asses vehicles. Running costs, for example, or perhaps their environmental credentials and handling characteristics. None of these matter now. This evaluation is for load-luggers. Those who fill their cars with so much stuff that the suspension begs for mercy. As such, these hatchbacks need the capacity of a cargo ship.

In position five is the under-rated Hyundai i30. This Ford Focus rival holds 340-litres of luggage plus five passengers, or two people and 1,250-litres of family-focused junk. Not bad for a bargain price of £13,580. It even has a five-year warranty in case excessive load-lugging knackers the suspension. Moving one class higher is the £18,215 Renault Laguna. Its storage capacity is 462-litres, increasing to 1,377-litres with the rear seats flat.

Now, please welcome our third place finisher - the surprisingly attractive Ford Mondeo hatchback. This ever-popular mile-muncher effortlessly shifts 528-litres of luggage plus a generous pile of people. Five, to be precise. Dumping a few hangers-on by the roadside, and folding the rear seats flat, increases load capacity to a versatile 1,448-litres. All for £17,695. Hold on though, its arch rival the Vauxhall Insignia just beats the Mondeo to second. Seat-up and seat-down capacities are 530 and 1,470-litres. The price? £17,970.

Time to announce the 'shock' winner. This leviathan has the largest seat-up capacity and the lowest price. Ladies and gentleman, the Skoda Octavia. With the rear seats in place it holds 585-litres of 'my boot is biggest' memorabilia. This increases to a mighty 1,455-litres by folding the seats flat. So, with a full set of five passengers it holds more luggage than the Vauxhall Insignia, and only slightly less than its rival with the seats down. Considering the Octavia's rock-bottom £13,110 price tag, this makes it a worthy champion. Good stuff.