posted 9 years ago

Top New Car Deals For March's new car database is brimming with the top new car deals for '10' plate March registrations's new car database is brimming with the top new car deals for '10' plate March registrations. For example, the Skoda Fabia Estate is available from £10,430 including a £1,245 discount. This saving applies across several models including the 1.2-litre 12V and the 1.6-litre 16V Tiptronic.

Motorists who prefer French hatchbacks can save money on the Renault Megane. This popular family car costs from £10,995 including a £3,289 discount. Buyers needing finance can also slip behind the wheel via a personal contract purchase plan. Terms include thirty-five payments of £199 at 5.9% APR - plus a £1,999 deposit.

Drivers who like the Megane but need more space may be tempted to stretch-out in the larger Renault Laguna. The 1.5 dCi eco2 Dynamique TomTom diesel is available for £15,995 including a generous £3,661 discount. The three-door coupé variant is also temptingly good value as the £2,000 discount makes it £17,995.

Volkswagen are also keen to get in on the act by discounting the Golf 1.4-litre S 3d. This robustly constructed hatchback is reduced by £1,855 and now costs £12,995. The Golf's larger brother, the perfectly proportioned Passat, is also great value particularly when ordered on finance. The 1.4-litre S TSI Saloon is available for thirty-six payments of £259 at 0% APR. The total price is 17,745 including a £8,421 deposit.

Consumers can also make considerable savings by searching's new car database for 'nearly new vehicles'. These may include highly specified ex-demonstrators which are great value for money due to heavy initial depreciation.