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Top Speeding Hotspots In The UK

Top Five Speeding Convictions Of 2012

The Norfolk Constabulary clocked a car travelling at 161mph on the A47 last year, has confirmed. Furthermore - based on information sent to the money saving firm via a freedom of information request – this was the most serious case of speeding in 2012. It was not, however, the only major incident. Warwickshire Police therefore caught a motorist travelling southbound at 141mph on the M6 Toll. Furthermore, Tayside Police intercepted a car that hit 138mph on the A933, and officers from the Hampshire Constabulary were none too impressed to see a motorist charging along the A31 at 137mph. Finally, Staffordshire Police stopped a vehicle travelling at 135mph on the A38 London Road. There is, of course, no reasonable defence for speeding to this extent and all these motorists were prosecuted. - in addition to analysing speeding data from dozens of police forces - has conducted a poll that relates to driver behaviour. As such, 63% admitted to knowingly breaking the speed limit so the majority of people have less regard for the rules of the road than they should.

Speeding Convictions By Area, Vehicle, and Job Title has reviewed millions of insurance quotes to build a profile of speeders throughout the United Kingdom. As such, 12.3% of motorists in Bournemouth have fallen foul of the law making this the most prolific area. It is followed by drivers from Dorchester (11.8%), Liverpool (11.4%), Norwich (11.3%), Chester (10.9%), Salisbury (10.8%), Bath (10.8%), Ipswich (10.7%), Watford (10.5%), and Inverness (10.4%). also concluded that those with prestigious cars are more likely to flout the law than those with everyday machinery. As such, 14.2% of Porsche drivers and 14.1% of Aston Martin owners have a speeding conviction. This is to be expected as such vehicles accelerate quickly and appeal to those who like high velocity. In contrast, only 6.2% of Nissan owners have a speeding conviction. This is followed by 6.1% of Suzuki drivers and 4.6% of those who purchased a Morris. There are occupational trends too as those with senior jobs tend to speed more than junior workers. As such, 23.1% of Operations Directors have a conviction followed by 23% of Surgeons. What a contrast to the 3.8% of Care Workers and 3.3% of Driving Instructors. But whatever the car, whatever the job, and whatever the region – the consequences of speeding far eclipse the benefits.

Top Speeding Hot Spots in the UK
  • A47 West Walton
  • M6 Toll Southbound
  • A933 Tayside
  • A31 Hampshire
  • A38 London Road
Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the UK

Spurious figures and percentages but no actual breakdowns, as the authorities dare not make public the actual figures, its all made to make the British motorist look bad. I would like to know taking into account the yearly visitation of young rich Arabs, how many of the 14 + percent of Porsche and Aston drivers caught speeding were foreign drivers? Or how many drivers caught speeding were only a few mph over the limit especially the new lower limits? Neither will the Authorities give proper breakdowns of accidents as all motor vehicle accidents are made to look bad for the poor old driver, which the insurance companies use to push up premiums, for example if a drunk falls into the road and is hit by a motor vehicle the police class it as a road traffic accident which looks bad for the innocent driver especially if the driver is under 20 years old, the devious insurance companies use spurious statistics like this to push up premiums for younger drivers. Confused dot com should concentrate on getting accurate breakdowns made public like how many people have been killed in police chases, or how many accidents were caused by foreign immigrants? with or without insurance, how many people who have caused an accident had no insurance? Why should the premiums of law abiding motorists be loaded for their indiscretions? If these questions were answered we would clearly see that the English drivers are the best and safest in the world.

have morris made a car in the last 20 yrs?