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Top Ten Car Dealers by Manufacturer

What Car? and JD Power has revealed the nation's top ten car dealers by manufacturer.

What Car? and JD Power has revealed the nation's top ten car dealers by manufacturer. Conclusions are based on aftersales and servicing feedback from almost fifteen thousand customers who have rated their dealers within the past twelve months. Factors included: how easy it was book appointments, the courteousness of staff, and the quality of any technical to explanations. Customers also rated their dealers' in terms of parking facilities, punctuality, payment options, and quality of work. To be included, manufacturers must have been rated by at least 100 motorists. The results are expressed as “customer satisfaction percentages”, with 100% being the maximum score achievable.

That brings us to the fascinating results:
Position ten: Audi – 70%.
Position nine: Volvo – 79.5%.
Position eight: Nissan - 79.9%.
Position seven: Land Rover - 80%.
Position six: Skoda - 80.9%.
Position five: Honda - 81.9%.
Position four: Mercedes-Benz - 82.2%.
Position three: Toyota - 82.4%.
Position two: Lexus - 83.6%.
Position one: Jaguar - 86.1%.

Unsurprisingly, prestige brands such as Jaguar and Lexus feature highly, with Lexus being a perennial high achiever in this category. And now that Jaguar have again started making some of the finest cars around, their staff have a brand to be proud of and are rightly showing its customers the service they deserve. Brands that manufacture cars in the U.K. such as Honda, Nissan, Land Rover and Toyota fare very well too. Perhaps the most unlikely brand in the list is Skoda, which ranks above stablemate Audi by a whopping 11%. Vorsprung durch Technik indeed as they say at Skoda HQ. Bottom of the list in terms of service levels are Mazda, Fiat and Chevrolet. But its not all bad news, as it is a close run thing outside the top ten with Mazda only 2 percentage points away from Audi.

From my experience, service levels have come on leaps and bounds. Whilst having a Mercedes-Benz serviced recently, I was checked in whilst in the car park, shown to my own personal parking space and dealt with quickly and efficiently. The car was cleaned, service work done as promised and a recall also taken care of. But what satisfied me the most was the free coffee and WiFi...must check out Jaguar next time, they must have sensational coffee.

Vauxhall must be the worst, took my Zafira for a service at my local dealer. The washer bottle ran out the day before so I left it thinking they would fill it on the service. When I picked the car up the first thing I did was to trythe washers and .... nothing! I checked the service sheet and there was a tick against washer operation. I wandered in, showed it to the service manager and he was gobsmacked. I said that if they had not checked the washers then what else had they not checked?

When I ran VW's I always got a questionnaire a few days later, on what I thought of the showroom, did I get a brew, was the service on time etc, no mention of the car or what I though of the service, which was not always good. In contrast my Perrys Vauxhall service keeps me informed of all the technical points, and does a good service.

I have a Skoda and have had two services at my local dealer.I book it in for a 90 minute slot, drink tea and work on my laptop whilst it it serviced and washed. No courtesy car, no disruption to my life and no loss of the car for a day. Explanation given of work done, by friendly service manager.It is pretty easy to see why Skoda rate so highly!

It would be interesting to see an actual league table of top Motor Dealers

Not yet had my mercedes e class coupe serviced yet but very disappointed when I requested a courtesy car to be told that it would cost £15 towards the insurance. I protested but they wouldnt give in. I find this very poor considering I have taken out the monthly service plan.

in relation to how many cars Jaguar and lexus sell they should be up there, Nissan and Honda sell loads more cars, so in my eyes this is not a tru reflection, but well done to Toyota