posted 5 years ago

Top Ten Football Registration Plates

DVLA Reveals Most Expensive Football Number Plates

Goal! The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency has revealed its most expensive football related number plates to honour the 2014 World Cup. Its priciest player is 'WE57 HAM' which sold for £57,000 in October 2007. What a lot of money. The second most expensive is 'AR53 NAL' that a fan bought for £36,000 in October 2004. What a way to honour a favourite club. Third place is 'HU11 CTY' that took to the pitch at £36,000 in March 2013. This is followed by 'V1 LLA' in fourth (£35,000), 'ALB 10N' in fifth (£19,000), 'DER 8Y' in sixth (£14,500), 'EN61 AND' in seventh (£12,000), 'S41 NTS' in eighth (£11,500), 'UTD 80Y' in ninth (£10,000) and 'PRE 570Ni in tenth (£9,400). Clearly, prestigious registrations sell for enough money to make even a rich professional footballer wince. In fact, the most expensive in the country's history is '1D' that sold for £352,411 in 2009. This contributed to a total of £2 billion pounds worth of sales in the last 25 years . But never fear. The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency has revealed that it still has football related number plates for sale, some of which only cost £399 – so, goal!

Registration Plates Explained And How To Purchase

The current registration plate format incorporates three major components that – mercifully – are far easier to understand than the off-side rule. Most notable is the age tag that changes every March and September. March tags match the year, e.g. March 2013 is '13' and March 2014 is '14'. September tags are the year plus 50. As such, September 2012 is '62' and September 2013 is '63'. The age tag is preceded by two letters that indicate the region of registration. The final three letters appear after the age tag and are unique - in that position - to the vehicle. The same cannot be said for the region and age tags. Buying a personalised registration is easier than watching a favoured team romp to victory. Simply visit: then search for a preferred combination of letters/numbers. There is no requirement to match the region markings to the car - but it is illegal to make it look newer. As such, an '11' registration cannot be fitted to a vehicle from 2008. The motorist can, however, make a car look older. After purchase, the buyer receives a certificate of entitlement that can be taken with proof of identity to a facility which produces plates. What a score.