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Top Ten Stolen And Recovered Vehicles Of 2014

BMW X5 Most Stolen And Recovered Vehicle Of 2014

The BMW X5 is the most stolen and recovered vehicle of 2014 and the previous 5 years, vehicle recovery expert TRACKER has claimed. The remainder of last year's top ten includes the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (2nd), Range Rover Sport (3rd), Mercedes-Benz E-Class (4th), Land Rover Discovery (5th), BMW M3 (6th), Range Rover Vogue (7th), Audi RS4 (8th), Mercedes-Benz ML (9th) and the Mercedes-Benz C63 (10th). 

Most Targeted Vehicles Sport A Prestigious Badge

The top ten exclusively incorporates prestigious vehicles – some of which were most likely stolen to order by gangs - rather than everyday models. The probable explanation is that prestigious cars were more likely targeted because of their advanced capabilities, then more likely recovered as their owners could afford a tracker.

TRACKER Head of Police Liaison, Andy Barrs, explained: “The 2014 figures illustrate that prestige models continue to catch the eye of thieves, but the average value of stolen cars we recovered was just £25,600”. This, he argued, suggests “older models of prestige cars could be just as attractive to criminals as newer models.”

Rise In Number Of Vehicles Stolen Without A Key

In recent times, more and more criminals have learned to steal vehicles without a legitimate key. There are various techniques – none of which we can mention here - but the necessary equipment is readily available and costs very little. Minimal skill is required. 

Mr Barrs added: “Interestingly, the number of vehicles that are being stolen without keys has steadily risen over the last few years, accounting for 43% in 2014. We believe this is down to the growth in car hacking where criminals target keyless vehicles by bypassing their security systems, using technology they’ve bought on the internet.”

He added: “Experts, such as Thatcham Research, have warned that as keyless security systems become commonplace in cars, the skills to bypass these will be widely practised by most criminals and in turn, lower value keyless vehicles will be equally at risk.”

How TRACKER Helps Recover Stolen Vehicles

TRACKER installs a device in the vehicle that enables it to be traced. The company claims it can be installed in “one of several dozen places” and – as there is no visible aerial - “the thief won’t even know it’s there” until the authorities come knocking.

TRACKER has, so far, recovered 22,938 vehicles with a combined value of £490 million. The number of arrests now totals 2,429. 

Top ten cars by make and model most frequently stolen and recovered
1. BMW X5
2. Mercedes C Class
3. Range Rover Sport
4. Mercedes Benz E Class
5. Land Rover Discovery
6. BMW M3
7. Range Rover Vogue
8. Audi RS4
9. Mercedes Benz ML
10. Mercedes Benz C63

tracker is ok but simple scanners locate them and many can then be disabled or removed. My LANDROVER IIa 1967 was stolen... the parts are worth a fortune

One of the techniques used by thieves is to steal a vehicle then leave it parked in a quiet spot to see if a tracker has been activated. If the car isn't recovered within 24/48 hrs they then pick it up again and its gone. This may explain why fewer thieves are caught.

Surely if all new cars were fitted with a tracker device this would enable the manufacturers bring their prices down due to the increased supply to these vehicles this would also encourage secondhand buyers to have them fitted and would probably bring the costs down for the police insteadof them trailing around looking for stolen cars or if they were stolen they could be recovered more quickly

I would love to know that you placed a few stickers on the windows of a car that stated: "Tracker fitted. Police able to track with 30 seconds". Would that put the bar****ds off.

Don't be too confident, they steal classic cars as well, just because its old doesn't mean its not worth god money.

I seriously doubt that my Range Rover Vogue would be of any interest to car thieves, as it's 25 years old.

So, TRACKER has helped in the recovery of close to 23,000 vehicles. Thing is though, there have apparently been only 10% of that number of arrests, so either there's a very few doing a lot of stealing or it doesn't actually result in many doors being knocked on.

well at least my 7 series is safe then ll, where do they buy the stuff off the net???.errrm just curious of course.. ;)

Can't beat a good old crooklock :-)

Well that's progress for you. Note to self, buy steering lock.

Anyone want to buy my X5 before it dissapears-just shows what good taste thieves have nowadays.