posted 8 years ago

Top Three Estate Car Holiday Showdown

Pack your suitcase, slap on some factor thirty, and brace yourself for's Top Three Estate Car Holiday Showdown

Pack your suitcase, slap on some factor thirty, and brace yourself for's Top Three Estate Car Holiday Showdown. In at position three is the enviably talented Volkswagen Passat. This Germanic estate is available in 2.0-litre 140PS guise, and this hits sixty in 10.1 seconds and averages a highly respectable 49.6mpg.

The Passat also has plenty of storage space for those 'priceless' souvenirs as, even when loaded with five excited holiday makers, it carries 513-litres of luggage. Should a few passengers fall out and abandon the trip midway, storage can be increased to 1,641-litres by folding the rear seats flat. According to's new car database, prices for this robustly constructed estate range from £18,765 to £34,815.

Swerving around the Passat to finish second in the countdown is the Audi A4 Avant. This is listed in the new car database from £22,700 - £38,350 which is a fair price considering its virtues. These include VW beating prestige, its maximum five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, and the versatile 1,430-litre boot. However, the icing on the cake is that thrill seeking tourists can choose the 3.2-litre 261bhp variant that is capable of 155mph, and hits sixty in 6.0 seconds. This is very impressive for a spacious family load lugger.

So, which magnificent hold-all surpasses the A4 to be crowned estate car holiday showdown champion? Ladies and gentleman, please be standing for the Mercedes E-Class. This monstrous vehicle's boot is so vast it feels more spacious than a semi-detached house. It holds 695-litres of luggage with ease, and a staggering 1,950-litres with the rear seats folded flat. This huge capacity is a clear advantage over the Passat and A4, as is the sky high status of the E-Class.

Engines come in various shapes and sizes but one of the best is the 2.2-litre diesel. This 204bhp model reaches 62mph in 7.8 seconds and averages 49.6mpg. This complements the rock solid handling, sumptuous interior, and the generous specification that includes an electric tailgate. This will make life pretty easy for HM Revenue & Customs as they inspect your boot load of duty free. Mmm, best hide that tenth crate of whisky.


Why dont you try a subaru . Fed up hearing about German cars

Your comments re Merc E Class estate are misleading when quoting best engine as 2.2-litre diesel if you do not state that the model is NOT E220 but the more expensive E250. As for mpg averages I have yet to meet anyone who can attain these published figures which are only comparison Laboratory generated numbers. They may be technically correct but since the change to this euro standard largely unattainable. I have owned various Merc diesels over many years and have regularly exceeded the published figures until this euro standard was introduced. My current model is an E320CDI which has averaged 36.4 mpg over its 9 year life so far. I track mpg at every fillup as it shows up servicing items like soft tyres or air filters needing a change well before the service assist function in the vehicle's management software.