posted 8 years ago

Top Three New Superminis For Less Than £10,000

Grab a drink, take a seat, and let's consider the top three new superminis for less than £10,000.

Grab a drink, take a seat, and let's consider the top three new superminis for less than £10,000. These automotive marvels come in various shapes and sizes and earned their place in this countdown because of excellent handling, sensible running costs, practicality, and a certain X factor (no, not that torturous television program).

In at position three is the perfectly proportioned Fiat 500. Listed in's new car database from £9,265, this retro styled city car proves that bargain hunters can have a stylish run-around for less than the cost of a bag of chips. One of the best engines is the 1.3-litre 95bhp variant that propels the 500 to 60mph in 10.4 seconds, and returns a staggering combined average of 75mpg. This complements the 500's fun focused handling that makes its driver grin like a lottery winning Cheshire Cat.

The next contender under the spotlight, and runner-up in position two, is the sharply styled Ford Fiesta. This long established urban champion is beautifully constructed, comfortable, and available in the database from £8,790. The Fiesta's handling is extremely composed and has a sporty edge that makes driving more fun than a week long stag party. It can also carry four adults in comfort and has enough gadgets to make Captain Kirk's Enterprise looks sparse.

Okay, drum roll please. Claiming first place in the top three new superminis for less than £10,000 countdown is the enviably talented Volkswagen Polo. This class leading supermini is distinguishable from many rivals as it is a complete town package. The handling is extremely impressive, the ride smoother than a skinhead's brow, and it has Tardis-like interior dimensions. The engines are also smooth and refined, and the Polo has a quality feel far beyond its modest price tag. In fact, it feels so robust it could probably outlast the sun itself.'s new car database reveals a new Volkswagen Polo could be your ticket to supermini heaven from only £8,490. Well done VW.