posted 8 years ago

Top Three Prestigious Estate Car Santa Showdown

Santa will soon be racing around the globe delivering presents to perfectly behaved kids

Santa will soon be racing around the globe delivering presents to perfectly behaved kids, but this task would be much easier if he ditched his sledge in favour of a prestigious estate car. So, let's help Santa on his way by reviewing three of the best load-luggers on the market. Sorry Rudolf.

In at position three is the Audi A4 Avant. This is listed in's new car database from £22,700, which is perfectly fair considering its virtues. These include its five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, the kind of prestige that could make your neighbours green with envy, and the spacious 1,430-litre boot (with rear seats folded flat), However, the icing on the Xmas cake is that Santa can choose the 3.2-litre 261bhp manual variant that hits 62mph in 6.4 seconds, and is capable of 155mph. That's impressive for a practical family workhorse.

Swerving past the Audi A4 to finish second is the BMW 5 Series. This leviathan is available in 2.0-litre 184bhp diesel guise, and this hits 62mph in 8.3 seconds and averages a highly respectable 55.4mpg. The 520d also has plenty of storage space for those elf- made presents, as it carries up to 1,670-litres of luggage with the rear seats folded flat. Mix-in excellent handling and rock-solid reliability, and it's obvious that this prestigious lifestyle statement is worth the £31,000 price tag.

So, which magnificent hold-all surpasses the 5 Series to be crowned prestigious estate car champion? Ladies and gentleman, please be standing for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. This monstrous vehicle's boot is so vast it feels more spacious than a semi- detached house. It can hold 695-litres of luggage and five passengers, or two passengers and a staggering 1,950-litres worth of Playstation games. This huge capacity is a clear advantage over the A4 and 5 Series, as is the E-Class' sky high image.

Engines come in various shapes and sizes but one of the best is the 2.2-litre diesel. This 204bhp model reaches 62mph in 7.8 seconds and averages 49.6mpg. This complements the confidence inspiring handling, sumptuous interior, and the generous specification that includes an electric tailgate. That should make life easy for Santa, I just hope he doesn't try parking on a steeply sloped roof.