posted 9 years ago

Top Three Ugliest New Cars

Defining the ugliest new cars on the market is rather tricky.

Defining the ugliest new cars on the market is rather tricky. After all, the greatest minds of our generation claim 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. However, this kind natured sentiment has its exceptions. Sometimes 'unconventionally attractive' actually means 'grotesque howler'. So, let's consider the top three ugliest vehicles.

The Toyota Landcruiser kicks off proceedings in position three. This may be a 4x4 that climbs every mountain and fords every stream – but this assumes there are no mirrors at the summit of Everest. The Landcruiser's awkward lines, boxy posture, and bazaar headlights ensure this otherwise magnificent vehicle has looks only a mother could love.

The Skoda Yeti passes the Landcruiser to finish second. This crossover vehicle has crude styling reminiscent of something from another world. The front in particular may cause fragile motorists to have terrifying nightmares. However, despite its challenging appearance the Yeti has numerous strengths. These include four-wheel-drive, excellent build quality, sensible running costs, and family focused practicality.

The final assault on the visual senses comes courtesy of the Fiat Multipla. This multi-purpose vehicle may have two rows of three seats, but this quirkiness fails to conceal the undeniable truth. This MPV was beaten by the ugly stick and now resembles an old minibus. Fortunately, this Italian's handling is far more impressive. The Multipla feels composed due to the excellent traction, minimal body-roll, and comfortably firm ride.

So, those are three of the ugliest new cars in Britain. Clearly, these aesthetic monstrosities will never win a beauty contest - but they each have more important qualities to compensate for the questionable styling.

I like the Landcruiser, it isn't very feminine, but it is also not overtly butch and burly like a BMW. I don't know what a Sanghyong Rodius is but if it is as ugly as the name, it has to win!

Are you guys blind? You've missed out the SSANGYONG RODIUS, Porsche Cayenne and the BMW X6.