posted 9 years ago

Toyota Auris Hybrid on sale in July

The new Toyota Auris Hybrid goes on sale in July this year

The new Toyota Auris Hybrid goes on sale in July this year. Quality has never before been such an important consideration for car buyers and it is an issue Toyota has fully addressed in all areas of production of its new British-built Toyota Auris Hybrid. To ensure that this new model, the first volume hybrid ever to be manufactured in Europe meet Toyotas rigorous quality standards was of paramount importance throughout its progress from design studio concept to full production model.

The Toyota Auris Hybrid has three driving modes, electric only (EV) which offers silent emissions free driving; ECO mode gives optimum economy and Power Mode for maximum response. Energy for the electric motors is regenerated as you brake so there is no need for manual charging or leads. The Toyota Auris Hybrid features low maintenance and long life components to reduce the cost of ownership including low emissions starting from 89g/km and great fuel economy starting from 74.3mpg. Although any purchaser of the Toyota Auris Hybrid will be too concerned by performance at 97bhp the car will ease you up to 62mph from a standing start in ten seconds while potentially sending out carbon dioxide emissions of less than 100g/km.

There is unique hybrid exterior and interior design features available on the Toyota Auris Hybrid including unique alloy wheels, grille, bumper, LED running lights, seat trim and eco driving display and transmission.