posted 7 years ago

Toyota Corolla is World's Biggest Seller

The Toyota Corolla is the best selling car in the world – ever!

The Toyota Corolla is the best selling car in the world – ever! In fact, 37.5 million of these family mile-munchers have been produced since 1966. That lot would fill a few car parks. Furthermore, the Ford F-Series truck - which entered production in 1948 and is still produced today - is the second biggest seller with 35 million registrations, and the Volkswagen Golf is third with 27.5 million since 1974. Fourth place goes to the Volkswagen Beetle which recorded 25.5 million sales between 1933 and 2003, and the 1968 to 2000 Ford Escort completes the top five with 20 million. Yes, I have counted them to make sure.

This poses an interesting question... why is the Toyota Corolla so popular? The reason is simple. Despite bedroom walls being plastered with pictures of Ferraris, these high- performance predators are too exotic for everyday use. Shoehorning two kids and a pile of shopping into an F40 is tricky, after all. The Corolla, in contrast, is easy to live with. Newer versions are practical, spacious, affordable, and reliable. No hassle, in other words. That makes them fantastic all-rounders. Despite this, the 'Corolla' has vanished from the UK for now - but the baton has been picked-up by the Auris. Guess what? That is a great car too.