posted 10 years ago

Toyota FT-EV II Concept Electric Car

World debut for FT-EV II compact electric vehicle concept

The Toyota FT-EV II is a compact electric vehicle designed for short distance travel which will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.

FT-EV II is a high-quality vehicle concept, designed primarily for urban driving with a body that is even more compact than that of the Toyota iQ, but still with room for four seats on board.

The exterior features a low front cowl and an additional window below the level of the windscreen to give extra forward visibility. To improve safety through the quality of all-round vision, the rear lamp clusters are see-through LED units. To ensure easy access in tight spots, there are electric sliding doors on both sides.

Top speed is above 60mph and a full-charged battery will give a range of more than 50 miles, which is ample for most urban journeys. The ride is quiet and comfortable with smooth acceleration, thanks to Toyota-developed motor control technology, itself part of the hybrid system that sits at the heart of the company’s environmental technologies.


OK OK but lets not get too carried away - electric cars only transfer the pollution to the point of generation. Add to that the carbon cost of producing these new cars and the replacement battaries most of the benifit is in the misplaced feel good factor of the drivers. www.investing-ethicallky,

Looks good. How many years will batteries last and what will be the cost of replacement ? What is estimated cost of car and when available ?

How about fitting a solar panel on the roof too? I would love to buy one if it was reasonably priced and then just hire a car or use public transport for the longer journeys which are becoming ever more rare now due to fuel costs.

with what has been spent by my country on useless Iraq and afghan wars, we could have transformed ALL transport to electrical by now! but we worship wars in our movies, in our TV, in our politics, in our culture.

What can you do if you're out of energy? Some of the dodgy areas my band plays, it wouldn't be smart to leave it unattended while I muck about for a duracell!

Just under 25 mile commute to work daily. So just might be viable for me. I'd like to know more, especially when available (should change current car soon) and cost.

I always love Toyota & would be really happy to purchase this as long as I can teach people how to drive in it as I am a driving instructor as well you see. Very nice car I will buy Aurs & this if this got Gears in it.

could you please send me the price of the FT-EV 11

A very interesting looking car but with only a 50 mile limit still not a practical option for me, keep improving guys.

What a great looking car,so long as the price tag is reasonable,I will be buying one.

Toyota remains one of the most used vehicles in my country Nigeria, second only to Honda. Toyota would have been the No 1 vehicle. The reason for this is ue to the superb interiors of Honda. Toyota, in spite of its durability, needs to improve on the interiors especially the dashboard components. When this is done, I tell you, no other vehicles can beat Toyota brands in Nigeria.

Looks like a great little car, which would be ideal for urban travel. well done Toyota.

looks great, how much will it cost? to be evo friendly keep up the good work toyota

looks very smart and electric to boot fantastic

When it will be available to buy the model!

Hi, Looks fantastic but it will probably be lease-only which is a clever way of keeping a tight reign on it or priced out of reach Sad but there you are! John on the Wirral

Brilliant Concept, I hope that it becomes a production model soon and retails in the UK at a price to appeal to a mass-market. As a second car ideal for every-day use, leaving the petrol car in the garage for long distances only.