posted 6 years ago

Toyota Hybrid Vehicles hit six million sales

Fifteen new hybrids to be launched

Toyota are celebrating reaching 6.072 million units sold and the latest million milestone has been reached in the fastest time yet, only nine months since the figure moved past five million. Toyota now sell twenty four hybrid passenger cars and one plug-in hybrid in approximately eighty countries and regions around the world. In the UK the range extends to ten Toyota and Lexus hybrids plus the popular Prius Plug-in and within two years Toyota say they will launch fifteen new hybrids.

It seems  clear that the public have confidence in hybrid and appreciate the real-world advantages it delivers. It is the aim of Toyota to make the benefits of the hybrid technology available to as a wide a range of customers as possible. Toyota’s hybrid system is designed as a core technology that can be used in different forms to create environmentally efficient vehicles for different customer requirements. The company will continue to work to raise performance, reduce costs and expand its product line-up including the introduction of environmentally efficient non-hybrid vehicles.

The new Toyota Yaris Hybrid is a fantastic choice for company car drivers; it achieves lowest three-year running costs among its market competitor for fleet operators and company car drivers. Reports show that measured across standard ownership benchmarks over three years, companies running the Toyota Yaris Hybrid will be paying just 35.2p per mile.  For the company car driver, personal costs work out at 44 per cent lower (over three years/60,000 miles) than for a comparable Vauxhall Corsa, and almost 30 per cent less than if they opted for a Honda Jazz hybrid. Advantages are also there for private owners too due to the new model’s fuel economy particularly in around-town driving and zero road tax (VED).

The Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid won the Next Green ‘Large Family 2012’ car award and the new Toyota Prius+ arrived last year. The Prius+ is Europe’s first full hybrid seven seat MPV and Co2 emissions are below 100g/km. These fantastic figures make the Prius exempt from the London congestion charge and there is no road tax to pay. The official figures for fuel consumption are 68.9mpg for the T4 and 64.2 mpg for the T Spirit. These figures are really impressive so it is no wonder Toyota have sold more than six million hybrids globally since it was launched.

Due to its light, compact but powerful lithium-ion battery, it can be driven for more than fourteen miles on electric power alone, with zero tailpipe emissions. The Toyota Prius is different to other all-electric vehicles as once the battery charge is depleted, the car switches automatically and seamlessly to its hybrid powertrain, with a 1.8-litre petrol engine. This means drivers need never worry or stress about whether their vehicle has sufficient power to get them to their destination.