posted 8 years ago

Toyota Prius is voted ‘Best Buy’

The Toyota Prius has earned the recommendation of ‘Best Buy’ by Which? Europe’s largest consumer organisation

The Toyota Prius has earned the recommendation of 'Best Buy' by Which? Europe's largest consumer organisation.

The 'Best Buy' recommendation signifies that the Toyota Prius is considered trustworthy, great value for money and of high quality. The Toyota Prius gained a ninety percent satisfaction rating from owners surveyed by Which. The Toyota Prius is acclaimed as an 'era defining' model with impressive co2 output from 89 to 92g/km.

The magazine reports that 'Toyota retains its excellent reliability rating overall in spite of its recall woes earlier in the year.' This is reflected in iQ being ranked sixth overall with a reliability score of 96 per cent and the Toyota Prius in seventh with a 95.4 per cent rating.

The Toyota Prius is both a green car and a family car. Toyota has made the Toyota Prius more refined, more spacious, more dynamic and most importantly more fuel efficient and less polluting.  The co2 emissions are so low that its company car tax rate is just 10% while the official average fuel economy is 72.4mpg.