posted 7 years ago

Toyota recall and general car recall advice

How do you know if your car is subject to a recall

Toyota have been the subject of a media frenzy over the recall of millions of cars worldwide.

But Toyota are not the only manufacturer to recall vehicles, with every manufacturer having to check vehicles for potential faults at one time or another.

With over 30 million vehicles on UK roads, how do you know if your car is affected, and what do you do about it if it is?

Firstly, there is a simple way to find out if you car has had a recall notice.

Visit the VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) website at This has information on all UK safety recalls. You can search by manufacturer and model and quickly view the results..

Each vehicle recall has a unique number which you should note down.

VOSA contact the DVLA who write to owners concerned to inform them of the issue. In practice the manufacturer of the vehicle will often do this much earlier than the DVLA.

However you need to know if any previous owner of your car or van actually completed the repair. We all move house and change cars, so we can't be certain that the recall notice went to the right place or the right person.

To be totally sure, look in the service book for your car which should contain a record of any remedial recall work. If there is no information in the service record, contact the local franchised main dealer in your area and speak to the service department

Give them the unique recall number and they will usually be able to tell from computer records whether or not the 'fix' has been carried out.

If they can't tell you over the telephone, you could visit them for an inspection or call the customer service number of the manufacturer.

Most problems affect a small number of cars. The current Toyota recalls are unusual in the volume of cars potentially affected. If you follow the steps above you can easily find peace of mind and drive safely.

Manufacturer Customer Service Contacts

Alfa Romeo0800 2532 0000N/A
Audi0800 699
BMW0870 5050
Citroen0844 463
Fiat0800 3428
Ford0845 841 1111N/A
Honda0845 200
Kia0845 601
Landrover0800 110
Mazda08457 484 848N/A
Mercedes-Benz0800 1777
Mini01923 899
Nissan01923 899
Peugeot0845 200
Renault08000 72 33
Seat0845 200
Skoda08457 745
Toyota0845 120
Volkswagen0800 0833
Volvo01926 401