posted 3 years ago

Toyota Target: Raise £1 Million For Comic Relief Selling Red Noses

Motor Manufacturer Supports Comic Relief

Toyota plans to raise £1 million for Comic Relief by selling vehicle red noses through its Dealer Network and E-Bay Store.

Comic Relief will then spend the money to help “transform” the lives of people in need, both in the United Kingdom and Africa.

A red nose is bright, circular, and sits in the centre of the car's grille. It enables the motorist to publicly support the charity and – in a light hearted manner - remind other people to follow suit.

The motor manufacturer's efforts bring together a range of its businesses including: Toyota GB, Toyota Manufacturing UK, Toyota Financial Services, Toyota Materials Handling, Toyota Logistics and Toyota Centres. The combined workforce is more than 10,000 people.

Matt Harrison, Toyota GB President and Managing Director, said: “Red Nose Day achieves the remarkable feat of making people laugh while at the same time helping make a real difference for those people most in need. “

He concluded: “We have set ourselves a target of £1 million that we are confident we can achieve with the enthusiasm, generosity and good humour of the thousands of people who work in our offices, factories, warehouses, workshops and showrooms - together with their families, friends and business colleagues.”

However, the manufacturer has stressed that every member of the public – whether or not they own a Toyota – can support Comic Relief as a nose “will look just as great on any make or model”.

Toyota's Dealer Network and E-Bay Store are selling red noses now for £5. Please visit: