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Toyota To Launch Hydrogen Vehicle By 2015

Toyota FCV-R Hydrogen Powered Concept Car

Bye bye petrol. Farewell diesel. Toyota plans to launch a hydrogen powered, zero emission, car in Europe, the USA and Japan by 2015. Why? Because the manufacturer believes this fuel “offers the best solution to the challenges of energy sources and emissions”. This potentially revolutionary four-door saloon – which has not yet been named – will be based on Toyota's FCV-R Concept as seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013. This, in turn, is an evolution of the hydrogen concept that was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011. Furthermore, Toyota expects to produce tens of thousands of hydrogen vehicles during the 2020s that emit water vapour rather than hazardous pollutants. The FCV-R Concept vehicle is 4,745mm long, 1,510mm tall, and 1,790mm wide which is similar to a new Toyota Avensis Saloon. Furthermore, as most of the hydrogen parts are fitted beneath the floor it has similar passenger/cargo space as a traditional car of comparable proportions. More importantly – and unlike zero emission battery powered vehicles - it has a maximum range of about 420 miles in test conditions. However, it remains to be seen how efficient the production model will be on a real road.

How Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles Work

A hydrogen-powered vehicle – much like the more common alternatives – stores its fuel in a tank. In fact, the Toyota FCV-R Concept has two high-pressure tanks. This hydrogen is propelled through a fuel cell where it is mixed with oxygen ions. As the oxygen is negatively charged the hydrogen becomes positive so they bind together. This process releases electrons (electricity) which powers the vehicle's electric motor. In turn, this spins the wheels and fuels secondary systems such as the radio, air-con, sat-nav, etc. But there is a problem. In 2015 Toyota might launch the best hydrogen car in the world. It might be supremely refined, environmentally friendly, and affordable - but where can motorists refuel? To sell in meaningful numbers, this workhorse must be supported by a nationwide network of outlets which is unlikely to be in place by 2015. It could, in fact, be many years before purchasing hydrogen is as easy as petrol/diesel. Hydrogen technology is (most likely) the best way to power cars in the future - but the everyday driver might have to wait some time before it is a practical buy. Hello petrol, hello diesel.

Will the fuel that is used in this car be easy to manage in a self service petrol station for 24/7 use, or will it have to be done by an attendant, Toyota should think seriously about having refuelling points in its Dealerships, as this would give an immediate boost to the new car, remember the giant oil cartel producers will do everything in their power to stop any competition, most likely try and intimidate all planning departments in Local Authorities to refuse planning permission for Toyota Dealerships to have refuelling points in all its Dealerships, the sooner Toyota gets started on this the quicker the success this car may become. Remember the Oil giants cartel is not interested in doing anything that benefits the population of the world, just what benefits the profit of the Oil Cartel.

Why not have a refuelling station in every Toyota Dealership, that would give a good start to the new car, as it is most unlikely that the Petrol monopoly giants will participate in their own demise, of the monopoly cartel that has been fleecing the public for over a hundred years

You say it is yet un-named. Can I suggest "Hindenberg"? Only joking!

How did it get into that forest?