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Toyota Trade-In Allowance Guarantees £1,000 - £2,500 For Old Car

Scrappage Scheme style allowance explained including conditions; plus overview of the new, eligible, vehicles.

Trade-in for a new Aygo, Yaris or Auris

The Toyota Trade-In Allowance is a Scrappage Scheme style offer that guarantees a minimum price for your current vehicle when ordering a new replacement. Get £1,000 – whatever the old car's value – toward an Aygo (excluding X trim), £2,000 toward a Yaris (excluding Active) and £2,500 towards the Auris (excluding Active). 

A Trade-In Allowance is most beneficial if the trade-in is worth far less. It is, in fact, surprising how little some vehicles are worth to the trade. A working, fundamentally sound, but scruffy family vehicle from (say) 1999 might be worth little more than scrap, so a £2,500 contribution toward a replacement is noteworthy.

 Toyota Trade-In Allowance

Terms and conditions

There are terms, however. The trade-in must be a car or van registered on, or before, September 30th 2009. You must be the registered keeper, have owned it 3 months or more and be resident in the UK at the address on the Vehicle Registration Document (V5C).

Also, the day the new vehicle is ordered the trade-in must have a MOT, be insured, and any Excise Duty paid (road tax). The replacement must be financed via AccessToyota Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), registered to the same keeper as its predecessor, ordered by September 30th 2016 and on the road by December 31st 2016.

AccessToyota explained

AccessToyota is the brand's “most popular finance plan”, it explained. Simply choose a vehicle, e.g. Aygo, the size of the deposit (0-35%), the length of the term, e.g. 36 months, and a  mileage allowance, e.g. 8,000 per-annum. Toyota then calculates the monthly payments including interest plus a guaranteed future value. 

 Toyota Trade-In Allowance

At the end of the contract you can make the pre-agreed, guaranteed future, value payment to own the vehicle outright. Alternatively, return it with nothing further to pay – subject to mileage and condition, of course - or swap it for a new model on similar terms. 

Toyota Aygo, Yaris and Auris overview

The Toyota Aygo is a compact, city class, hatchback available with 3, or 5, doors. Power comes courtesy of a 1.0-litre, 69hp, petrol engine that is teamed with either a 5-speed manual, or 5-speed automatic, gearbox. Standard equipment includes: remote central locking, front electric windows, daytime running lights and ISOFIX.

The Yaris is a slightly larger, supermini class, hatchback that comes in 3 and 5-door form. Engine options include the: 1.0-litre 69hp petrol, 1.3-litre 99hp petrol, 1.4-litre 90hp diesel and the 1.5-litre, 100hp, petrol hybrid. Standard features include: heated wing mirrors, 6 speakers, daytime running lights and USB connector. 

 Toyota Trade-In Allowance

The Auris is a larger still, small family, class vehicle that comes as a 5-door hatchback and estate. Engines include the 1.3-litre 133hp petrol and 1.4-litre 90hp diesel. Standard toys include: Bluetooth, climate control, and follow-me-home lights that briefly stay on when the engine is off to illuminate (say) your front door.