posted 9 years ago

Toyota unveil the Toyota FT-86 Concept

A compact design sports car

The Toyota FT-86 Concept is still two years away from production it is neither an electric vehicle nor a hybrid vehicle, but is a sports model with a gasoline engine developed to convey the essential appeal of cars in a new era.

It is thought the Toyota FT-86 Concept will be exhibited at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show It is a compact, rear-wheel drive sports concept car with a flash red finish that embodies speed and the excitement of driving that give cars their appeal as well as environmental performance. Toyota is targeting a sub-£20,000 price tag on the Toyota FT-86 and will focus on low weight and purity of handling. It's shorter than a BMW 1 Series Coupé by 20cm, but will still seat four. In addition to being light and having a low center of gravity, the Toyota FT-86 Concept boasts the handling of a racing car. Part of this sensation is due to its 6-speed manual transmission and ADVICS brakes. The interior of the Toyota FT-86 is distinctive, featuring an instrument panel with a gray and white base, gauges with red neon lights and digital displays, and a navigation system.


If they could get the exhaust sound of a Ferrari they'd be onto a winner with this car

The only thing that springs to mind is the Nissan 370z, very very simular and the nissan is most probably going to be alot cheaper...

I have a Toyota Celica St185 Gt4 which is nearly 20 years old, this car is very reliable!!! I was saddend that Toyota had no replacement for the Celica, but this concept Toyota FT-86 car looks like a ideal replacement and it's rear wheel drive I'M PLEASED TO SEE TOYOTA BACK WITH ANOTHER GOOD LOOKING CAR!!! ALL TOYOTA HAVE TO DO IS PUT INTO PRODUCTION!