posted 5 years ago

Toyota Yaris Trend 1.33 0% Interest Finance

New Toyota Yaris PCP

Hip hip hooray! The Toyota Yaris Trend 1.33VVT-i is available with 0% finance via a personal contract purchase plan. Representative terms include the £1,500 deposit which is followed by the initial monthly payment of £218.96, then thirty-four of £218.91. At the end of the term the motorist has three options to cheer about. The first is to settle the £5,633.10 final payment to own the vehicle outright. This totals £14,795 which includes the registration fee, delivery, number plates, and tax disc. Option two is to return it whereby there is nothing further to pay assuming it is in reasonable condition and not exceeded its 10,000 mile annual allowance. Excesses are charged at 8.0 pence per-mile and damage according to severity. Option three is to settle the final payment then part exchange via a new personal contract purchase plan. If the Yaris Trend 1.33 VVT-i is worth more than the final payment - perhaps because it has low mileage - the difference contributes toward the new car's deposit. Just sign the dotted line by December 2nd 2013.

Toyota Yaris Trend 1.33 1.0 VVT-i Flexible Finance

Hip hip hooray - Toyota's personal contract purchase plan can be tweaked to suit the motorist's requirements. As such the deposit – that for our example is £1,500 - can be increased to (say) £4,400. This reduces the first monthly payment to £135.86 and the subsequent thirty-four to £136.06. The optional final payment and grand total remain unchanged. In contrast, a deposit of (say) £100 significantly increases the regular payments. The motorist can also shorten the length of the contract from thirty-six to twenty-four months - and the mileage allowance can be increased from 10,000 per-year up to 30,000. But whatever the finance terms the Toyota Yaris Edition VVT-i is a capable car, not least because it feels more robust than most of its rivals. The Yaris also has a spacious cabin and 347-litre boot. The latter is large for the class and capacity can be increased to 768-litres by folding the rear seats flat. This workhorse also has confident handling that makes driving almost effortless and the petrol engine provides plenty of poke. Furthermore, the running costs are reasonably low as it averages 51.4mpg and sits in insurance group 8 of 50. Toys include the: colour reversing camera, part leather trim, air-con and the electronic stability program so there is lots to cheer about. Hip hip hooray.