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Traffic Volume Increases Throughout UK

Department for Transport Estimated Traffic Figures For 2013

Department for Transport figures suggest that the volume of traffic has risen throughout the country. As such, in the second quarter of 2013 the total mileage covered by motorised vehicles rose 2.9% to 76.8 billion miles (estimated/compared to the same period in 2012). This follows five consecutive falls between second quarters so despite the rise the total mileage is 1.9% lower than in 2007. And it seems that every type of motorist was on the move. Car traffic therefore increased 2.3% to 60.8 billion miles and light goods vehicle traffic hit 10.7 billion. This represented a 6.1% rise compared to the previous year and the highest quarterly figure since estimates began. Heavy goods vehicle traffic, in contrast, increased 1.7% to 3.9 billion miles and other motor vehicle traffic – that included motorbikes, buses, and coaches – rose by 8.6% to 1.4 billion miles. The Department for Transport's estimated figures suggest that the rise in volume was evident on all types of road. As such, the total estimated motorway mileage increased 4.9%, to 16.1 billion miles. This was the largest rise of the quarter. In contrast, the smallest was for urban A roads where traffic increased by 0.7%, to 12.2 billion miles. Furthermore, the volume on rural/urban roads rose 2.3%/2.5% respectively.

How Department for Transport Calculates Traffic Volume

The Department for Transport's quarterly figures are based on recordings from automatic traffic counters. These can be found throughout the country and – in certain forms – can classify the type of vehicle they are monitoring, e.g. bus, car, motorbike, lorry, etc. How? By measuring factors such as axle spacing and the subject's length. This technology, however, is not perfect so some vehicles are misclassified. As such, the Department for Transport's annual figures are more reliable as they also incorporate data from 8,000 manual traffic counts. Interestingly, there are several elements that influence the volume of traffic (or so the government claims). Most notable is the strength of the economy. Why? Because when the country is booming financially people and products move in greater numbers and more frequently than when it is struggling. There are, after all, more people travelling to work that can then afford to purchase items that have to be transported by road. Weather plays its part too, as a particularly frosty winter or pleasant summer can discourage/encourage drivers to take to the roads. 


We need to halt immigration before the country bursts wide open. We then need to scrap HS2 and spend the money on restoring our railways, getting legions of trucks off the motorways and moving more goods by rail. Life then might just begin to become more pleasant. Don't hold your breath while waiting, though.

John G's comment. So true, the measurement of a government that has failed the citizens that were eligible to elect it. Those not eligible would say this is the best government ever. While the rest of Europe thank their lucky stars for the fools in Whitehall.

We should get rid of all subsidised cars for MP's and ministers. Not only will it save the country a small fortune It will also reduce congestion, especially in the capital.

The answer to it all is to let more people into the Country and create a food shortage,then road congestion,how about a little job shortage,a bedroom tax to help with the shortage,put up prices on petrol,car insurance road tax,vat,housing,food etc etc and let's do a Survey to ask if people are happy to show we care . What Great Leaders of the Country we have!!! Or should I say need or maybe it's just too late.

If the total vehicles has risen by 2.9% I wonder if the receipts from road tax has risen by the same figure, I doubt it. Also there are more drivers due to the governments capitulation to the EU in allowing a massive influx of alien or foreign people into our country. Also we must be careful not to allow the politicos to sell our roads to the French and Germans or we will be subsidising their motoring as we do water and gas etc.

Successive governments have encouraged foreign investment (takeover) in British companies, then moved production to their own country closing down the taken over company. The result of this is unemployment in Britain, and workers having to travel fare and wide to find jobs

Nice to see the UKIP contingent are reading this....

This must be down to all the foreign cars and massive increase in foreign lorries, as fuel sales are falling due to high prices. We therefore must be travelling less miles because of the greedy government and oil companies.

Most things that are on the increase in this land are directly attributable to massive, uncontrolled immigration. This is no different. The only thing not on the up, is quality of life in our now wonderfully diverse, third world land.

Not forgetting a massive increase in population due to immigration and an increasing birth rate is feeding in ( 17 year delay hopefully!) and more drivers living and driving longer.