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Traffic Wardens set ‘ten ticket a day quota’

A parking enforcement firm operated a ‘clandestine quota system’ to issue tickets to motorists in a ‘predatory and dishonest’ way

A parking enforcement firm operated a ‘clandestine quota system’ to issue tickets to motorists in a ‘predatory and dishonest’ way. A ruling seen by BBC London details how NSL working for Kensington and Chelsea Council sets its wardens a minimum of ten tickets a day. NSL is the largest employer of parking wardens in the UK, providing on-street parking enforcement for more than 60 councils.

NSL denies setting quotas and said it was "extremely disappointed" by the ruling and was considering its options. The ‘quotas’ came to light after one traffic warden, Hakim Berkani, lost his job in February 2011 and took NSL to court.

In a ruling which has just been published following the hearing at the London Central Employment Tribunal, Judge Burns agreed Mr Berkani had been unfairly dismissed. He wrote “the claimant took the view that the priority should be given to warning motorists about infringements rather than issuing PCNs [fines]. The managers however took the view that a minimum number of PCNs should be issued, and ten per shift was frequently mentioned as an absolute minimum. We accept the claimant's evidence that the managers clearly wanted more rather than less PCNs to be issued."

Judge Burns added "we have no doubt the managers felt under pressure to ensure PCN issuing was maximised and they passed this on to CEOs [traffic wardens]. As a result, CEOs felt under considerable pressure to issue PCNs and some adopted a predatory and dishonest approach to motorists."

Responding to the finding, Mr Berkani, who lives in Wandsworth, told the BBC "I am very happy indeed now I can carry on with normal life. It is unbelievable that NSL are still denying having a quota system. What they've been doing is against the law.”


Dishonesty in wandsworth I can not beleive someone would unlock your car steal paid tickets infront of a mosque.My car was clamp and good job I had credit card that I was able to recover my car within minutes.People think they are to take money with them when they die,Wake up call you only go empty Handed

A few years ago my partner and i went for a short break for my birthday in wales with the rush of going on the friday night straight from work i for got to pack my medication, on the saturday we had to go into Aberystwyth and find a chemist, there was a lot of shorting out they had to phone my doctors to verify my persciption with the hold up i was 5minutes late back to the car pack ECP run i wrote and explained but they did not want to know, iv never been back there since,

Iwork as a c.e.o. for a local authority. Guess what it is like? Before you pass judgement on me and get a proper job as you shout as claimed on a daily basis, my hero. Try this, i dare you to take the abuse i take. Next time you see mee ask if it was me who saved some kid from being abducted, ask me was it me who rang an ambulance for an elderly gent who had collapsed with a heart attack in the presence of his devoted wife, ask me who gives directions to tourists, ask me who preys on motorists, when it is obvious a their vehicle is in contravention.Do we not all take a standard driving test which includes parking?.Or do we decide to slag off with a loud voice to who ever wants to here, once we return and find a p.c.n. on our windscreen through our ignorance. thet the c.e.o. is whatever. I am fair minded when deciding to issue a p.c.n. Oh yes i am an englishman with white skin and have worked in various jobs covering a thirty five year pariod and as for you keep on shouting fool.

I drive an MPV,Late December in Hayes,parked in small very tight car park,end of row, front first up against a concrete wall,got as close to the wall as possible,to allow other cars to get in and out. saw the warden there,got my ticket put in in the window,said (morning to warden)who was checking the car next to mine,when i returned to my car i had a ticket,my front wheel was half an inch over the parking box line against the concrete wall. Not even worth the bother of a letter, if i had parked in the box the back of my car would have been obstructing other drivers, making it almonst impossible to park opposite me.Lesson learnt again, they are vultures,dont be civil to them,they are piad by results,not keeping roads clear,but purley on a ticket issued basis for profit. the companies that run them are the same, just like the clampers.

i agree that all council's who enforce yellow lines are parking attendants and should not be confused with traffic warden's. the traffic warden service is no longer with the metropolitan police so most you see off of the red route are attendants and it is sad that these people do have a quoter to keep to if they want to keep their job. but as for telling drivers to drive at them (how childish ) they will end up being taken to court, end up with a criminal record, as one person wrote there are camera,s every where so no escape or excuse . but just to add the goverment in their wisdom have now given Heathrow airport the go ahead to employs parking attendents from the end of 2012.. lets hope the airport officals see sence and leave it to the police as the TPCSO check on and remove any unattended car and do not have quota's . so lets hope the money making scandel will not end up at our airports as well what a sad society we now live in......

These civil enforcement officers (CEOs) are not Traffic Wardens. Traffic Wardens are an arm of the Metropolitan Police Service (greater London) and have both civil, "criminal", and traffic powers to issue (civil) penalty charge notices, "criminal" (such as obstruction, parking on zig-zags which is a license- endorseable offence, and traffic direction. They are trained to a high standard at Police training centres and have direct Police radio access to Police radio networks including the Police national computer system for detection of car crime such as vehicle theft, evasion of vehicle insurance, and some (but not all)motoring offences. CEOs are not traffic wardens and shouldn't be confused with the disgraceful antics of CEOs. During my time as a Traffic & Transport Police Community Support Officer which combined those powers (predominently Red Route enforcement) with powers of detention for upto 30 minutes for other criminal offences, I have never been encouraged to meet a quota of PCNs issued. Indeed, if a driver is present then that driver should be warned of an impending ticket, advised of alternative legal parking available, and generally assist with keeping traffic flowing. Local authorities look on civil parking enforcement as a cash cow, use closed circuit TV supplied under anti-crime budgets to record parking offences, and generally harass ever- frustrated city motorists who are enforced by ever confusing and deliberately obtuse regulations. Particularly at risk are Blue Badge disabled drivers who attempt to follow official guidance given but are tricked into Offences. The regulations vary from borough to borough. One example, now being copied by other local authorities, is the concession for blue badge holders to park on double yellow lines. In Loony Lewisham, plates at the double yellow line describe the restriction: no parking, no loading. A disabled driver, knowing that parking on a double yellow is permitted for upto three hours would think this is permitted as not loading. Oh no. On Lewisham's web site, well hidden, is the borough's blue badge rules: where a loading ban is not in force. And it's no good appealing the ticket to the Parking Appeals Committee for London, as they have become just an arm of enforcement and usually back (or find some obscure regulation) to back up the local authority. This form of state-sponsored "fines" has to be stopped. Im my experience the well- off motorist doesn't care: they just pay up. To the rich, a £60 PCN is but small change

These traffic wardens really peer Off. When ever i drive past them I shout out "get a real job" They remind me vultures flying above waiting to swoop down & issue a ticket. One thing I've realised over the past few years is that a lot of the parking attendants seem to be recently arrived immigrants who can hardly speak English! It seems they are accustomed to taking the abuse and don't really care for it as long as they get paid at the end if The week. The country is in a double dip recession, people are increasingly finding it difficult to Survive and feed their families. But these leeches still try and suck dry little money we earn with our blood and sweat. I agree we all should start a campaign against these firms and the councils to protect ourselves from these sherrif of Nottingham type of tax ...

I like the fact this comments page includes real people with politically incorrect views using words like scum and encouraging driving at human beings (albeit heavily caveated). The point is that I have become punch drunk on people with authority like health and safety officers, newspaper editors, traffic wardens and other idiots that confuse reckoning something with knowing something. They misunderstand the right to have an opinion as a civil right rather than an obligation to spout rubbish and enforce rules with no awareness or discretion for the spirit of the law. This country is ruined. I want to move to a country with honest corruption. At least it doesn't stick in your throat

Parking regulations began, in London, as a way of controlling double parking, congestion and chaos. Now, along with all motoring legislation, it is a political tool, a sort of green tax, where use of the the motor vehicle, whether personal or business, is inhibited as far as possible. The Parking Wardens are generally pretty much unemployable in any other role and like a lot of people, abuse their powers. Taking photos of vehicles, a breach of civil liberty which would be considered an invasion of privacy in many other areas, is quite acceptable practice. All motorists ought to consider it their duty to wage war on these parasites. Deliberate scaring by driving at wardens, carefully of course, no real physical harm intended. If you see a warden take a photo with your mobile, in their face. Just say 'scum' as you do it. These lowlives will soon crawl back into their holes. They will go back on benefits of course but at 10 tickets at 60-00 each, that will be less of a burden on productive society than the actual parasitic wardens are.

Scum, the lot of them. These people need to be stripped of any authority, as they contribute nothing, absolutely nothing towards society other than act like thugs. Nothing but Scum.

i think the buck should stop at the top and he should be sacked and his company given a date to end their contract as soon as possible. set an example to others ...well done Mr Berkani , we all owe you !

The other solution involves civil disobedience.

this illegal practice is not just in london.i have been told by traffic wardens that this practice is not unkown elsewhere.there is one solution.always obey the parking regulations

The top man should be sacked and prosecuted for perverting the course of justice. then hung drawn and quartered, just for good measure.