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UK Drivers: Bring Scotland's Proposed Lower Drink-Drive Limit South

IAM Survey Shows Support For Lower Drink-Drive Limit In UK

68% of motorists in England and Wales want Scotland's proposed, lower, drink-drive limit to be brought south of the border, an Institute of Advanced Motorists survey shows.

The current  limit – throughout the United Kingdom - is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. Scotland could soon reduce its limit to 50mg which would bring it in line with countries such as France and Germany – but place it at odds with England and Wales.

The proposal could reduce road casualties and be approved before Christmas 2014.

The survey also shows that 53% of motorists “would prefer more thorough police checks to target drink-drivers”, whereas only 5% want to tackle the problem by raising prices.

IAM Director Discusses Drink-Drive Limit

The Institute of Advanced Motorists Director of Policy and Research, Neil Greig says: “England and Wales are now totally out of step with drink-drive limits across the rest of Europe.”

“Existing research has shown that between 63 and 116 lives can be saved every year by a lower limit. Different limits are also a recipe for confusion and the IAM would urge the Westminster government to review its approach as a matter of urgency.”


In my opinion, if you've made the decision to have a drink you've made the decision to abandon your car for the evening. It should be one or the other, and having a compromised 'limit' only leads people to take their chances.

0 drink limit

should be zero drinkdrive at all times

should be zero drinkdrive at all times