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UK Regions With Largest Road Casualty Reductions & Increases

Safety Charity Reveals Road Casualty Figures

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has revealed the local authority regions that experienced the largest rises and falls of road casualties throughout 2013. Nottinghamshire, Tower Hamlets and Chester/Chester West, for example, had fewer deaths and serious injuries than 2012. Figures fell by ninety-eight, eighty-one and seventy-eight, respectively. In contrast, there were more casualties throughout Lancashire, Kent and Cumbria where figures rose seventy-two, seventy and forty-three (respectively). Road casualties figures rise and fall for various reasons. As such, an extreme winter – when the roads are consistently covered with ice, snow or water – ensure more people lose control. Some regions receive more extreme weather than others, of course. In contrast, warm weather encourages motorcyclists onto the road. Casualty figures for this type of motorists tend to rise accordingly. The economy plays a part too. As such, a long slow period might ensure there is less money for the maintenance and improvement schemes that reduce casualties. Then, of course, certain areas have people in power that champion and value road safety – whereas others do not.

Road Safety Expert Discusses Casualty Figures

Simon Best, Chief Executive of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said: “Figures will always vary from year to year but the wide variations do suggest that some councils are much better at putting measures in place that are having a marked difference in reducing the numbers of deaths and serious injuries on their roads. As the economy improves, spending on road safety must be seen as a priority across the whole of the UK with clear strategies in place to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads. Even one death or injured person on our roads is one to many,” Mr Best concluded.

Increases And Decreases In Road Casualties By Local Authority Region

The local authority regions with the largest road casualty reductions in 2013 are:  

Local Authority Region 2013 2012 Difference
Nottinghamshire 345 443 -98
Tower Hamlets 87 168 -81
Chester West & Chester 136 214 -78
Suffolk 291 362 -71
Hackney 83 147 -64
Staffordshire 165 221 -56
Islington 71 122 -51
Greenwich 28 73 -45
Gloucestershire 213 255 -42
Redbridge 51 93 -42

The local authority regions with the largest road casualty increases in 2013 are:

Local Authority Region 2013 2012 Difference
Lancashire 642 570 72
Kent 594 524 70
Cumbria 239 196 43
Norfolk 392 352 40
East Sussex 339 305 34
Rotherham 113 86 27
Wirral 126 99 27
Surrey 599 574 25
Worcestershire 186 162 24
Hampshire 706 684 22

Fortunately in this country the standard of driving is improving but our roads are still populated by two standards. Drivers and aimers, usually it's the drivers that keep the aimers alive but when two aimers are in conflict the outcome is usually a serious collison. If we all upgraded our driving skill, expertise and insight every Highway Athority's casualties would reduce. How can we do that? Just join the Institute of Advanced Motorists. The costs are minimal and the advantages are life saving.

Mr Wilson, One set of figures is for biggest reductions in casualties and the other set is for the biggest increases in casualties. Nowhere does it say that Yorkshire (or any other County) hasn't had any road casualties....... :-/

The Uk's largest county is missing once again.!!! It's good to know that Yorkshire has had no road casualties over the past two years.