posted 3 years ago

UK Road Rage Capital Revealed And Older Men To Blame

UK road rage capital revealed and older men the most frequent offenders. Average driver has road rage incident every 20 minutes.

Road Rage Capital Of UK Is Lincoln

Britain's road rage capital is Lincoln and 69 year old men are the most frequent culprits, Privilege Insurance claims. The insurer's study showed that 61% of residents regularly have incidents behind the wheel. The national average is 46%. The study concludes that the average motorist in the UK – either as a victim or perpetrator – experiences road rage every 20 minutes or 7 miles. It typically lasts about 4 minutes including any subsequent fuming time. This, the study claimed, equates to 5 months throughout a motorist's lifetime. Monday morning at 7am is the most likely time for an eruption – perhaps due to the forthcoming stress of a week at work. 

For the purposes of the study road rage is: raising of the voice, swearing, hand gestures, flashes of lights or beeping the horn in response to the actions of another driver, cyclist or pedestrian. And it seems the older generation is the most likely to become irate behind the wheel. 69 year old men are the most frequent offenders followed by: 79 year old men, 50 year old men and 39 year old women. Common triggers include: being cut-up, a lack of indicating, witnessing the use of a mobile phone, tailgating, queue jumping and being stuck behind a slow moving vehicle. The least frequent culprits are 21 year old females. 

Whereas Lincoln is the most problematic city it is not alone. Portsmouth is the second most prolific where 60% of residents regularly experience road rage. It is followed by: Peterborough in third (54%), Hull in fourth (54%), Exeter in fifth (54%), Wolverhampton in sixth (52%), Bristol in seventh (51%), Canterbury in eighth (47%), Birmingham in ninth (46%) and Leeds in tenth (46%). London finishes thirteenth at 41% behind Newcastle and Southampton (both 43%). The cities least impeded are: Nottingham (18%), Glasgow (36%), Oxford (36%), Cardiff (37%) and Edinburgh (38%).

Campaign To Reduce Road Rage

Privilege Insurance has launched its Campaign Against Road Rage (CARR). It is, after all, potentially dangerous and has contributed towards numerous accidents. Charlotte Fielding, Head of Car Insurance said: "Road rage is the ugly face of motoring. Even at the milder end of the spectrum (it) can lead to accidents as drivers leave the scene focussed on the argument or perceived wrong doing, instead of their driving.” Ms Fielding added: "The aim of our Campaign Against Road Rage is to help to reduce the number of road rage related accidents and make Britain's roads safer places to be."