posted 6 years ago

UK's Most Expensive Registration Plates

The UK's most expensive registration plates have been revealed by the DVLA

The UK's most expensive registration plates have been revealed by the DVLA following a BBC freedom of information request. The priciest is “1 D” that sold for £352,000 in March 2009. This is followed by “51 NGH” (£254,000), “1 RH” (£247,000), “K1 NGS” (£231,000), “1 O” (£210,00), “1 A” (£200,000), “1 OO” (£197,000), “2 O” (£142,000), “6 B” (£130,000) and “1 HRH” (£113,000). As such the DVLA - after selling these and thousands of other plates - has contributed £1.8 billion to the government's coffers since the eighties.

UK Registration Plates Explained

The UK's registration plates contain three major components. The first – and arguably most important - is the age tag that changes every March and September. Whereas this sounds complicated the system is easier to follow than some people assume. March tags therefore match their year, e.g. March 2011 is “11”, March 2012 is “12” and March 2013 is “13”. September tags are the year plus 50. As such, September 2011 is “61”, September 2012 is “62” and September 2013 is “63”. A vehicle's age tag is preceded by two letters. The first refers to the region it was registered, e.g. A for Anglia. The second specifics the DVLA office within that region. For example, A to N represents Peterborough, O to U Norwich, and V to Y Ipswich. The final three letters that appear after the vehicle's age tag are unique - in that position - to the registration. So, AO13 TVD would be a vehicle registered in Anglia at the Norwich Office between March 1st 2013 and August 31st 2013.

How To Buy Personal Registration Plates

Buying a personal registration plate from the DVLA is straightforward and – on occasions – surprisingly affordable. Simply visit: Then, search for your favoured combination of letters and numbers. There is no requirement to match the region/DVLA office markings to your vehicle. A plate that contains “AB” could therefore be screwed to a car registered in (say) Dorset. But, it is illegal to make a vehicle look newer than it is. As such, an “11” registration cannot be fitted to a car from 2008. You can, however, make a car look older. As such, a “08” registration can be fitted to a car from 2011. You can also choose from other registration styles such as Prefix (A123 ABC), Suffix (ABC 123A) and Dateless (1 ABC). After the sale - the price of which includes the DVLA's £80 transfer fee - you will receive a Certificate of Entitlement that is valid for twelve months. If necessary, this can be extended for subsequent periods of twelve months for £25 per-annum. This certificate can then be taken (along with proof of identity) to a facility that produces registration plates. Simple.