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UK Smoking Ban in Cars?

The British Medical Association has called for a ban on smoking in cars.

The British Medical Association has called for a ban on smoking in cars. This is considered, by some, to be important as cigarette toxins within confined spaces can be extremely potent. Furthermore - putting aside the well publicised health risks – British Car Auctions has concluded that smoking in your vehicle can significantly reduce its second-hand value. After all, unfortunate smells, cigarette burns, and stained fabric put-off buyers.

Tim Naylor, PR Manager at British Car Auctions, commented: “This is an incredibly important health issue – and we don’t want to undermine that by any means - but if drivers aren’t motivated by the health of their passengers, perhaps they will be by the diminishing health of their finances. Lighting up inside a car seriously devalues the vehicle for resale.”

Mr Naylor continued: “Our research shows that presentation is one of the top factors influencing the price of used cars. So if a car is more like an ashtray on wheels, chances are buyers will move on to find one that looks and smells fresh as a daisy. Professional valeting can alleviate most of the effects of smoking, but is expensive and time consuming and might mean replacing some interior trim, such as nicotine-stained head-linings.”

Any ban on smoking in cars would be controversial. The health benefits are obvious, but – assuming an adult is smoking alone in a privately owned vehicle – is it the government's place to intervene? Should MPs have that right? However, it might be reasonable to prevent smokers lighting-up in cars next to children and non-smoking adults. Everyone should have the right to smoke, but is it fair to expose others to the cancer causing toxins?

This country is a joke - there are far more important issues that need tackling instead of worrying about what people do in their own private property. Hands up who hadn't worked out that smoking in your car would de-value it, thank you to Tim Naylor for stating the blindingly obvious! BCA are only bothered as the higher the value of the car the more money they make on the already astronomical auction fees, still, it's some good free publicity for them hey.

next they will forbid that we smoke at home, because I'm sure there are also NON-Smokers present, or better in a house with children it has to be forbidden to smoke ... long live the privacy

If people want to smoke and breath in all the c**p that is up to them, but what about the kids in the car they don't have a choice.

bma should be diesing a tablet for the n.h.s for it waiting to here from you know puff off.

Has the world gone mad? Or just this stupid country that is wrapped up in P.C, health and safety, red tape nonsense? I smoke in my car and will continue to do so. Bring it on! Get a life you bores and leave us alone are we not picked on enough?

I direct you to this link if the anti smoking nazis can be bothered to have thier fascist ignorance challenged. I do this as I have already posted much of it here but it seems not to have passed moderation. Can't imagine why?

I am no longer a smoker, but believe that people have the right to smoke anywhere in their own property. there is always some one who tries to tell everyone else what to do. Its high time they put their own houses in order instead.

Should have been banned years ago. I remember having to breath in my dads smoke when I was a child and it made me feel really sick. I see lots of drivers smoking with their children in the back. Also how dangerous would it be if the driver dropped a lighted cigarette whilst driving. It's just as bad as using a mobile phone!!!

I think this is a fantastic idea if there are children and babies in the car. If it is all adults in the car, then it's up to you, but why should children and babies have to breath in dangerous fumes.

My car, my space, my life - I didn't know we were becoming part of the old USSR or being run by Germany looks like its time to move abroad and take my skills with me. What's next? You are not allowed to speak in public????

Does anyone know of the cost to the Government of bringing in and legislating no smoking in your own car? I thought due to the economic trouble the government was in it would be looking to save costs not increase them. Why dont the BMA work with the tabacco companies to find a way to make cigarettes less harmful? I am fed up with being dictated to by this nanny state have the BMA got nothing better to do?

its just yet another way of controlling us again. their happy to take the billions of pounds in revenue each year, if they are so against it ban it all together, then you can all have a frigging moan when your taxes double or they bring in a tax on the air you breathe. or have we already got one. leave us alone if we want to smoke we will. if you dont smoke dont get in the car it really is that easy.

puff off you control freaks my car my health,if you dont come in to my space my habits dont affect you

As a smoker ithink it is up to the driver of the car weather he or she once to smoke in there cars,i agree it is not good when kids are in the car in a close place. The way things are going in this world we will have to ask permission to fart or be fined.If the medical assocation and mps are so worried about smokers why don't they force shop to stop selling them then we would not have this problem but they will not because they would loose to much revenue from the sell. SO STOP COMPLANING

I occasionally smoke in the PRIVACY of my car when alone. If this is banned as a distraction then surely we should make it impossible to change CD's or radio stations or conversing with passengers (and, in particular, looking at them or using hand guestures)when driving! In short this is a daft move! Don't use driving safety as another excuse to ban smoking! Whilst the government benefits from the tax revenue smoking generates, cigarettes are part of our culture. Live with it and let people be in control of their own lives!

Hi, I would imagine that car smokers probably pay more attention to the roads than non. Having to both drive and smoke simultaneously means we have to be on higher alert to our surroundings, which by definition makes us "more aware" drivers. (Seriously - this is no bull) It would be interesting to these the % of crashes caused by smoking. I bet it's insignificant. As for smoking with other non-smokers in the car... that's a no brainer. It's down to the smoker & non to sort that out, lol Regards, Darren

I think that if smoking is such a distraction to the driver of a car and is made illegal,shouldn't you then make car steroes illegal they distract adriver how about banning passengers conversation distracts a driver how about banning children distracting a driver by bad behavior and mucking around in the back of a car all these "distractions" could/should be made illegal or am i being petty

Are there any statistics available for road traffic accidents that were directly caused by smoking. we have banned mobile phones and eating, now smoking shouldnt we go one step further and stop passengers from being allowed to talk to the driver as this is surely a bigger distraction, or even the wife from navigating lol

Well Well Well,lets all kick the smokers again.Have any of the "wise" people above observed someone drinking the last of a can of pop, they are looking at the roof of the car not the road.Or the ladies applying make up, or the artic` drivers eating their sandwiches or HOT food.You all jump on the band wagon and slate the smokers.Smoking or not the law states you should be "in proper control of your vehicle".Are YOU in control when you change channel on the radio or alter the volume.The answer is,If your task takes your eye off the road then you are not in control.So leave the smokers alone and concentrate on your own driving.oh and just look around you on the roads to see what the non smoker gets up to,it will open your eyes methinks.

I know of no ban that stops you getting out of a car that contains a smoker, so forget it ohter that to apply it to cars containing children who have no choice.

if the government was serious about eradicating smoking altogether they would put the age of being able to smoke up by one year every year untill it got to 25 years old, by this time most young adults can make up their minds if they want to do it. but they dont, (i wonder why???) and wye dont b so called experts who want to make it harder for us smokers realize that and push for it? smoking has been here ever since tobacco was introduced by sir walter raleigh, it wont go away over night.

I am an ex smoker yet can't believe how 'police state' our government has become. We as democratic civilians have a right to smoke in our own car if alone. The government think they have the right to tell us what to do in every part of our private lives. The suggestion to stop smoking in cars because of the smell and stains is PATHETIC ! It is down to the owner of the car whether they want to reduce the selling potential if it. Whats next, ban people for wearing shoes indoors because they will wear and stain the carpets causing the selling potential of the house to drop ? Police state tactics in an ever growing police state.

What total codswallop. My husband & I both smoke, but we do not have any children, so therefore must we be banned from smoking in our own car?? If this is the case, then will we be eventually banned from smoking in our own homes?? I can understand (& welcomed) the ban from smoking in public places ie restaurants, pubs, etc, but this is just totally incredible. Its very obviously these top health specialist are coming down big style on the smoker (smokers with children I might add it seems), but let me ask you exactly whats being done against the alcoholic, the obese, etc?? These addicts also cost the NHS millions per year, and do they not in turn affect the health of their loved ones at home because of their addiction?? Think long and hard on these questions and I think you will all come to the same conclusion as me.

I think Smoking in cars is more dangerous than using a mobile phone

next it will be a tax on breathing in this country. also if distractions are in cars do ew not turn on our wipers/lights etc???. to many do gooders in this country. our free will is being allowd to be eroded each day, no wonder people riot.

What a load of rubbish, mobile phone bans havent stopped people using phones, only given the police another reason to hassle drivers! wonder what will happen with smoking? oh, wait, I just said it.... I might start to agree when they give the police power to stop idiots driving, there's a real solution.... as for people being in cars where they have to breath someone else's smoke.... GET OUT AND WALK! it'd be more in keeping with the health thing you're worried about anyway...

When are we goung to stand up for ourselves and stop the so called powers that be and the do gooders telling us what we can and cant do with our own property and lives

I smoke in my car when I am alone. I do not smoke in my car when I have non-smoking passengers. Other nationalities fight for their human rights, why don't we? The government would be better to invest in better enforcement of illegal immigration, ie stop letting them out on bail as they just disappear into the abyss, which would save the country a small fortune, than to force responsible smokers to give up, which would COST the country a fortune in lost tax revenue.

As a Ex smoker I think that its a good idea in one way if it is there to protect other people from the effects of smoking, but I also think that if its your car and you want to smoke why cant you do it providing you are sensible and consider other peoples health in certain situations, IE kids or other non smokers. Also other people who get in your car must know you and know you smoke, so if they dont like it why did they get in your car?? at the end of the day it must be your choice in your own space.

If the government is willing to subsidise the cost of an MOT certificate or petrol, then I think they may have the right to decide what I can do in my car. Otherwise, my car is my car and I am only endangering myself by smoking as I have no young children and would not smoke with them in the car anyway if I did. If I am giving a lift to someone, they would have to put up or shut up.

Well as an ex smoker I, and I'm sure most others have accidentally dislodged the red hot tip for it to fall between one's legs. Now if that is not a distraction I don't know what is! Makes using a mobile phone pale into insignificance. Of course it should be banned.

What a load of nonsense. the government not have any right to stop a smoker smoking in their privately owned vehicle. if your a non smoker and you dont like smoking simple answer dont get in a smokers car. otherwise just shut up andget a grip and stop trying to more smokers rights away. its bad enough prisoners in this country have more rights than a smoker when it comes to smoking in a public place. people should be more responsible for themselves and not rely on the government to crack down on smokers :)

I do not mind some drivers smoke in their own cars. It is their own space, own health.But how many time have you seen people throwing the cigarette bottom out of the car window? It is littering, that should be fined.

Why dont we go the whole hog and ban cars altogether ,they provide enough toxins .

You are a bit behind the times with this article, as I have already responded to several othe articles elswhere as follows. Smokers are already banned from smoking in the workplace and by extension in company vehicles as they are deemed to be an extension of the workplace, by the same token the private car is an extension of the home therefore no one should have the right to tell me what I can and cannot do in it, or will that be the next extension of control? Smoking predates the motor car and the two have coexisted since the invention of the motor car, are their any figures, can anyone point to any motor accident which can be attributed to the driver smoking at the time of the crash, I doubt it. I would also say to those self righteous sanctimoneous control freaks who seek prohibition, consider that during 2010 the tabacco industry reciepts totalled some 14 billion pounds 11.2 billion of which swelled the treasuries ill gotten gains in tax and duties. the HNS costs approximately 100 billion pounds a year of which it is estimated 5 billion is dedicated to treated smoking related ilnesses, thus the smoker is paying more than twice over for the treatments he stands a 66% chance of not contracting. on top of this the working smoking motorist is paying his NI contributions, Income Tax and road fund licience, so should therefore be free to enjoy his disgusting little habit as he chooses. I would also ask people to consider exactly how enforceable such a law would be with an overstretched police force sufferring vast cut backs and how much would that cost? Any legislation introduced in this regard will be yeat another nail in the coffin of freedom and democracy and will take this nation another step closer to being a police state. This control of the individual must stop and stop here.

Good, smoking should be banned in cars not only for health reasons but on safety grounds aswell, and as for the argument about pubs having to close because of the ban, what a load of rubbish local pubs are closing because the generation that used to go out every night straight from work leaving kids in the house to fend for themselves is dying out thank god,i thought the country ruled by majority, well news for smokers you are now the minority and the quicker the fowl disgusting cancer inducing habbit is banned the better for all of us

A more immediate danger of smoking in cars is the potential distraction of the driver; We have already banned use of mobile phones when driving, so it would be reasonable to stop people messing around with lighters and cigarettes dripping redhot ashes in cars on that basis.

Any distraction from driving effects all road users. It's bad enough smokers want to kill themselves by smoking but doing so, erm, in 'control' of a car is lunacy. When you are smoking you are not in full control of the vehicle no matter what. Cars should be fitted with smoke detectors that force the car's road speed down to 5 mph. No smoke detected and you can drive normally. It'll save lives.

Another stupid statement aimed at the minority. I am an ex-smoker but really can’t believe that this is being brought up. Smokers in most cases DO NOT smoke in a car if other people are in it but if they own the car what right has anyone to say what you can or can’t do inside it. I don’t see anyone saying that you should not drink any alcohol if you are driving as that would affect a lot more people including most MP’s and Doctors who come up with this crap in the first place and the worst thing is the tax payer pays for most of this information.

I think this is all wrong its my car and if I want to smoke in it I will I don't smoke with children in the car adults yes but I always ask if they mind and windows always down even if it raining

As a non smoker i welcome any moves to reduce smoking related illnesses. How ever i do feel that smokers should have the freedom of choice as to what they do in their own cars like they do in their own homes. If they have a concience i suspect that many smokers would refrain from the habit when children and passengers are in the car with them, as friends of mine do when i travel in their cars. Give the smokers a break and get of their backs. After all if all the smokers were to quit our taxes would shoot up to cover the short fall in the government coffers (Pardon the pun)that smoking revenue brings in. Now there's food for thought.

to hold a cig and yet be in control of vehicle also is risky to the smoker and other road users.When the smoking driver 'drops'the cig, its always chaos!!

One thing not mentioned in the above comments is that smoking in a car is arguably as hazardous as eating, drinking and using a mobile phone, all of which are prosecutable! If someone wants to damage their health by smoking in a car then that's their choice but not if the safety of other road users is compromised!

The UK is grossly overpopulated so why all the fuss about saving lives.

Smoking should not have been banned in pubs let alone the audacity of trying to ban your pleasure in your private surroundings.

How ridiculas is this? they don't want you to smoke in your car due to dangerous toxins, yet the car itself bellows more toxins than any cigarette could ever do. Just another example of a government that has lost control if you ask me.

I bought my car with my money! money that i go to work for!! as for my passengers, i dont have any, As for wanting to ban me from smoking in my car that is a insult. unless of cause the government want to buy me a new car tax and insurance it for for all repairs ect ect.. It seems to me that the only thing you dont want to ban is people going to work. Ban smoking in pubs, public places. so now smokers dont go out are taking all our rights away but still expect us to go out to work pay tax to fund the government. you put prices up on .petrol. car tax. and then you have the nerve to now tell us what we can and can not do in our own transport. when you have banned that please tell me what your next ban inwill be, i've heard of ruling the country but now you are trying to rule OUR LIVES. its a bloody outrage

Yes, there should be a ban on smoking whilst driving or when there is a child in the car. It is madness to allow a driver to stick a fag in the mouth whilst driving at night and then to stick a bright light in front of the eyes whilst lighting it. Crashes will surely follow. It is criminal to allow an adult to smoke in the same car as a child. In fact I would not want to even breed with a smoker. If they can't look after their own health they certainly won't be looking after my kids. Also why do you want to smell like a cess pit?

Children don't have a choice, smoking is so dangerous especially to children, it should be completely banned.

What about my convertible???