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UK Time-Zone Change Could Make Roads Safer

Switch To Central European Time Could Save 50 Lives Per-Year

Fifty-four lives could be saved each year if the United Kingdom moved to Central European Time (CET), Earl Attlee has estimated. The Earl – who is the Government's Spokesperson in the Lords for the Department for Transport – also believes that this single/double summertime concept could prevent one-hundred and eighty-five people per-year being seriously hurt. But why? As things stand, the UK runs to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) through the winter which is consistent with Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). British residents then move the clocks forward one-hour towards the end of March to UTC + 1:00. This is more commonly known as British Summer Time (BST). However, moving to Central European Time – which is UTC + 1:00 in the winter and UTC + 2:00 in the summer – would ensure that a higher proportion of road trips take place in daylight hours. This, of course, should reduce deaths, serious injuries, and minor mishaps as poor visibility is a common cause of road traffic collisions. However, Earl Attlee – who is the grandson of former Labour Prime Minister Clement Attlee - stressed that the move would have wide ranging implications and that the aviation industry in particular would require “five years” to prepare.

Tips For Driving In The Dark

There is, however, no guarantee that Central European Time will be adopted - so the Institute of Advanced Motorists' Simon Elstow has revealed a few tips for driving in the dark:
  • To improve your view as far as possible, keep your lights and windscreen clean.
  • Use main beam, but when other drivers are approaching make sure you dip your lights to avoid dazzling the oncoming traffic.
  • Make sure you can stop safely within the distance you can see to be clear.
  • If you’re feeling tired, caffeine alone is not a fix. Take a break and have a twenty minute nap.
  • If an approaching car forgets to dip its lights, look beyond the lights, but to their left to avoid being dazzled as much.
  • Look at how the traffic ahead behaves for clues to possible problems you can’t see yet.
  • If it’s gloomy in the morning, don’t forget to put your lights on.
Elstow said: “The risk of fatal accidents increases in the dark as visibility is reduced. Have regular eye examinations to ensure you are wearing glasses or contact lenses if you need to.”

Why not leave the clocks as they are, it is light in the morning and evening. It does not matter about Scotland, they seem to want to be on their own. I hope they get independence, and not have any of our Money. Get on and do it your selves. Everything is ours.

I goto work at about 6am. I'm just starting to drive to work in the light when BST kicks in and I'm driving to work in the dark again. I've a much simpler option: keep GMT all year round (so that it's 12:00 noon with the sun at its highest as opposed to 1pm noon or 2pm noon as proposed) and change office, school hours and the watershed from 9pm to 8pm in winter and 7pm in summer, along with closing pubs at about 10pm in winter and 9pm in summer (instead of about 11pm as at the moment) - it all amounts to the same (except that the sun is symmetric about the day): it's the GMT times of BST and double BST. If companies want to deal with the continent, they can always start work at the continental times which means they're be earlier starts and finishes than everyone else (by one or two hours, which could mean they get to enjoy their daily commute).

Our main trading partners are in the E.U. It seams madness to be out of sync with their working hours. In June its light at 4am, wouldn't it be nice to enjoy more of our summer evenings. The added safety and energy saving would be a real bonus. In Scotland in the winter they have few hours of daylight, does it really matter if that starts at 11am or noon it'll still be dark when the kids come out of school, there will still be the same hours of daylight.

The earlier "experiment" was NEVER evaluated. It's time to do it properly. BTW, it wasn't "double summer time" just BST all year round - thus NOT giving us the benefit of lighter later summer evenings. Which I crave urgently. Who the hell gets up at 4:00 am? Not many of us I'll bet. Wasted daylight, wasted energy. There are very aound arguments for the latter - like 5% of our carbon reduction target at stroke. Bring it on!

We are happy with our British time. European time and working hours are nonsense. Two days on and two days off . Twelve hours shift. This is very bad for your health. Brijinder singh bhatia

Surely, it would be better to introduce variable "office" hours depending on the season and the "industry" and the need. Having spent many years in the Middle East where it is quite normal to start work at 0700 in winter ad 0600 in summer to avoid the heat. That would be far better than messing around with the clocks and mucking everyone around

I very strongly oppose this suggestion. The experiment in the 1960's was abandoned because it was a bad idea and it totally ignores geographical reality. As a school boy living in Scotland in the 1970's I remember it was dark until 9am in December. This proposal would make that 10am, surely this would not be safer? I currently live in the South Pennines where it is currently light until 10.30pm in June. What benefit would daylight at 11.30pm be to anyone (probably nearly 12.30am in northern Scotland)? I get up at 5.30am to travel to work. Under this proposal it will be dark then for most of the year and very treacherous in winter! I agree with the gentleman who says we should have GMT all year, that would be far more natural.

What I want is is treble summertime and all vehicles limited to 15 MPH by 'robotic govenors'. Oh and cars with sun loungers on top!

Harold Wilson's Government tried to impose BST in winter in the 1960s. It was horrible. There is a reason why UK office hours etc. are as they are. Summertime itself is controlling measure first introduced in WWI. It was of dubious merit then and utterly pointless now. How many accidents are partially attributable to the semiannual switch? Also, the switch probably inhibits the evolution of our working hours to suit the 21st century. High time we went back to year round GMT.

Come and live "North of the Border" and try it for a year, you'd SOON give up on this stupid selfish proposal.

'The opponents of this measure are selfish and ignorant.' I fixed it for you Jim Simpson! This is a well researched proposal based on real facts, not guesses and assumptions.

ignore previous comment - still on GMT....!

What upheaval Russell Barnes? We already change our clocks twice a year: all it would entail is NOT turning them back at the end of Summer for one year. Job done!

Clearly ill thought out and typical of a person who doesn't live in the real world. But guess it makes sense if you think its better to travel home in the dark when you are tired than in the morning when you are more fresh and alert. Kids safety is also put at increased risk on a number of fronts. The only change that needs to be made is to do away with BST - its not required for any logical reason in this day and age!

I've been in most parts of the English-speaking world and nowhere else is this nonsense peddled. It's clearly to the advantage of the South-East of England but not elsewhere. There's only so much daylight and at present it's shared sensibly for ALL of us. The proponents of this measure are selfish and ignorant.

Better idea, as John Marsh says, shorten the school and work day in the winter. We're supposedly in an advanced 1st world country, we should be ok with fewer hours during half the year. Going to work during effectively night time is ridiculous.

Nice. kids waiting for school buses and walking to school in the dark,this guy needs to be put in a home. how many kids goto school again? its still bad as some companies sponsor hi viz for kids in the far north to be seen. would you let your 5 year olr walk to school or unlike some people we dont all own chelsea tractors

54 lives saved out of 63 million? For all the upheaval, it's not worth it.

If the Lords had the common sense of us commoners then we would all be in a far better place - I commend John Marsh's thoughts to the house

I strongly disagree with Earl Atlee. If we went to UTC+2 it would not be daylight in the north until mid morning thus causing children to go to school in the dark for longer in the winter. There is no reason to change the clocks. Educate the road users!!!

Moving the time will never alter the hours of daylight available so makes no difference, instead move schooltime to 10pm - 6am , this will completely erase congestion, reduce accidents by at least 75% and save the economy billions in lost time