posted 5 years ago

Ultimate Luxury for the Land Rover Defender

Interior converted by Carisma Auto Design

The Land Rover Defender is famous for it's off road capability; powered by a 2.2-litre diesel engine this iconic Defender retains the rugged appeal that it's always been famous but now the interior has been enhanced to another level.

World leading specialists in bespoke luxury vehicles Carisma Auto Design have now added complete luxury to the interior of the Land Rover Defender incorporating exotic leather and materials that are hand-built bespoke by English craftspeople. The result is, owners of the Carisma Defender can engage in outdoor activities in ultimate comfort.

Sales and Marketing Director, Carisma Auto Design, Clive Drake said "the Land Rover Defender is an iconic British vehicle with legendary off-road capability. One day a client came to me wanting a vehicle that had all of the capabilities of the Defender but with an interior ambience of a Range Rover with the feeling of pure exclusivity of a Rolls-Royce, the Carisma Auto Design conversion of the Defender was born. Satisfying special and unusual requests is a key part of our specialist skills and services. Clients come to us because they know that we can achieve the impossible and deliver a vehicle to them that exceeds their expectations. Trust me, we’ve been asked to incorporate some truly outlandish features, but we still manage to integrate them seamlessly into the vehicle’s interior. We are not limited to the Defender and alternative vehicle conversions are shown on our website."

No two Defenders from Carisma Auto Design are ever the same so it is totally unique. The leather used by Carisma is carefully sourced from barbed-wire free environments to ensure pristine hide and is complemented by a choice of real wood veneers, hand-built and fitted to the vehicle by a team of some of the best English craftspeople. To complete the ultimate luxury vehicle for outdoor sporting pursuits, Carisma can hand-craft a bespoke gun cabinet from the finest wood, featuring magnificent cut-glass crystal champagne flutes and tumblers complete with separate refrigeration facilities.

A range of multimedia options are available including Windows or Apple operating systems, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth plus audio equipment from Bang & Olufsen.  Recent requests from customers have included solid crystal ash trays and champagne flutes, integrated premium pen sets with tailored housing, customised seat embroidery, 42 inch televisions and refrigeration units.

Carisma Auto Design

Carisma Auto Design may not be a name widely know, it has been around for fourteen years and the company has a reputation for producing some of the finest, tailor-made, luxury car conversions available to the market. They are specialists in a range of converted vehicles that include specialists in range of converted vehicles that include Mercedes, Land Rover and Volkswagen. The company has an official converter agreement with Mercedes-Benz, to deliver cars with a global warranty.