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Unanimous support for new driving law

94% of drivers support the planned new driving offence of causing ‘serious injury by dangerous driving’

A recent poll carried out by the IAM (institute of advanced motorists) reveals that 94% of drivers support the planned new driving offence of causing ‘serious injury by dangerous driving’.

Currently when someone drives recklessly and causes very serious injury as a result, they are often charged with dangerous driving. While this is a serious crime with a heavy penalty, it doesn’t take into account the severity of the outcome. This new law would reflect driver recklessness that causes life changing injuries, with even tougher penalties attached.

In the survey when asked whether sentences should be based on the offence itself, or the outcome of that offence, for example causing a life-changing injury, the figures were close. While 53% thought the sentence should be based on the offence itself, 44 % thought sentences should be based on the outcome. When asked what the biggest deterrents to bad driving were, 70% said ‘enforcement; ‘the likelihood I will get caught’, almost half of respondents (48 %) said ‘the consequences; ‘causing death or injury to myself or others’, and 43% said ‘the severity of the punishment if I am caught’.

Simon Best, IAM chief executive, said “people want to see tougher penalties to deal with situations where the victim of a road accident is seriously injured, but the Government needs to ensure that punishments for dangerous driving accurately reflect the severity of the offences committed. It may seem shocking that enforcement is a greater deterrent to poor driving than the risk of causing death of injury, but just as seeing police on the beat reduces crime, highly visible traffic cops reduce bad driving. Therefore any change in law needs to be supported by well resourced enforcement on our roads.”

Comment on the planned new driving offence below.


How many more limp wristed ideas will the establisnment come up with before something is done about the suffering 'ordnary folks' (peasants)who put up with this and all the other crime. Birch the scum in public, until they cry . . then lock them away for a good long spell on bread and water. But it'll never happen until Cameron or someone has to put up with it.

i believe that if someone wants to break the law or drive in a dangerous way they will, no matter what the punishment is. i watch a few programmes like police camera action and the number of bamnned drivers or drivers without a licence that get caught are increasing. What happens to them when they are caught, they get another ban or they have their licence endorsed with points, obviously this does not work as they were driving while banned anyway so increasing the ban is a joke. how can you endorse someones licence when they don't even have one? it is not the fault of the police but the courts. i was hit by a tractor who turned off the road into a field, without signalling. i was overtaking him on a straight road, he got off i got fined and points as i was overtaking so must have been in the wrong, dispite witnesses saying he did not indicate or look. it is the courts that need looking at not the law.

My son was knocked from his bicycle by a hit & run driver who was subsequently imprisoned (now released) for D.D.. As a consequence my son can no longer work, has a permanent steel internal support to his spine and walks with a permanent limp resulting form a broken pelvis. At 37yrs of age he has,hopefully, many years of life ahead of him...but of what quality? Our concern as parents is that as the years progress what if he relapses and becomes even more disabled?? This is a real worry for us.Yes, he will be entitled to compensation but this becomes complicated and to a degree subjective and I wonder how one evaluates any potential future difficulties he may face.(Like nursing it out for youselves!) The Law does not deter everyone however strict, but must be able to deal with the consequences effectively. If you are faced with the aftermath of D.D. which leave a previously fit and able person permanently disabled(and I hope you never have to be)then the penalties incurred for such proven reckless driving must reflect ant potential outcomes for the victim. We really hope for our son's sake that the future holds no financial worries let alone any unknown health issues.

I totally agree with this proposal. If it takes tougher punishments to deter people from endangering others lives, and also their quality of life, then so be it. I believe in most cases, people just don't see the bigger picture, and are oblivious to the risks.

I don't take any notice of surveys, as it all depends on where they are taken, and the right result can be manufactured. We need to get our priorities right first in an age where people are murdered for protecting their property, and old people are beaten and killed in their beds, and the perpetrators are let off with a slap on the wrist because a self serving judiciary think their human rights would be violated by a stiff sentence. Lets get real, we don't need new laws because the laws are already there, and always have been, they only need the will to impose them.

94% of how many drivers? this is a load of rubbish. to get a certain answer, phrase a certain question a certain way.

Just got back from a 1000+round trip mainly motorways [M6 M5] the thing that concerned me was the fact that so many drivers are travelling the outside lane well in excess of the speed limit. I was cruising at 65-70 in lanes one & two cars were passing me like I was standing still,at NO time did I see a police patrol-no wonder thre are so many incidents!

The standard of driving on British roads is appalling!!...this we all know is an understatment!!! driving too fast and driving to slowly which many don't realise is also an offence namely 'Driving without consideration for other road users'...Lane discipline...particularly on necessary signals which DO help other road users..again particularly on roundabouts.The courts are much to lenient on offending drivers even with those who rely on a licence to make a living...drivers in that category should protect their licence more thoughtfully.Many offending drivers don't realise that a Judge can insist on a 'driving retest' as part of the punishment...not enough retests are being demanded by the courts. I agree with other foregoing comments on this topic, that drivers should not be warned (either by signs or of an obvious Police presence) that they are being monitored.Perhaps its time for an 'assessment of driving ability'for ALL drivers every 5 years.

Lane discipline is often abysmal and should be better enforced. With regards to speeding, I get so frustrated by motorists who dawdle and prevent the desired progress of others. BUT, I would ask of those who "must" do more than 70mph on a motorway, If by driving faster you save 10 minutes, or even 30 minutes on a long journey, WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH THE TIME YOU SAVE?

ban for life

It is nice for those who travel little, stay below the legal speed limit at a speed, because of this experiece, is at the limit of their capability and experience, who put themselves at risk by driving in the "fast lane" causing frustration and anger from people much more experienced in travel, at higher speed, for much longer periods and have greater awareness of the dangers of the road. We are a fast developing nation, with clogged roads, reduce the time that people are on the road will reduce congestion, often caused by the slower rightious driver in the wrong lane. Punish the madheads but also the antagonists who can encourage such behaviour

Most punishments for breaking the law are not deterrents, if they were a lot less people would break them. For really serious offences the loss of the driving licence for a very long time should be mandatory. Death by dangerous/drunk driving should incur permanent loss of the licence. If caught driving whilst disqualified for these serious offences a lengthy prison term should be automatic. Holding a licence and driving are an earned privilege that bears a lot of responsibilities that most people don’t give a second thought about and not a right

he present sentences of people convicted of dangerous driving is much too lenient. It should have a mandatory time of say ten years and serve ten years or more depending on the severity of the case.

The readily observed contempt of the law is quite blatant, particularly on the motorways. Anyone driving right up to the 70 MPH legal limit in the outside lane will very often find him or herself challenged by some potential law breaker dangerously tailgating within a few feet of their boot. The fear of getting caught and punished is the greatest fear of the transgressor so we must this outcome more probable. Movement into a near side lane when available should be encouraged. All the widely advised presence of policing is it by highly coloured cop cars of radar boxes is counter productive. Would-be law breakers should not be advised that they are in the presence of detection equipment. The present lackadaisical enforcement of the law is an invitation to lack of respect of the law. Speed restrictions should be advised widely and in figures. Instead of a diagonal bar advising an open limit, where many are unsure what that means, why not advice the actual limit in figures and more often? Punishment for crimes such as driving without a licence or insurance should result in the vehicle involved being impounded and destroyed or sold to produce tax revenue. There would be far less law breakage where the punishment is made harsh enough! Too many motorists consider that they should be above the law. This opinion should be challenged, as many other lives hang in the balance. Finally, endless restriction of space on motorways by pointless long uninterrupted lines of yellow cones should be deterred where little or no work is being carried out. Fines could be of assistance here.

A good start to enforcing what laws we do have would be to put the traffic police back on the road. As a chauffeur, and thus on the road seemingly constantly, I regularly see such poor driving skills it makes me wonder if these drivers actually realise their actions are dangerous. These people need to be taken OFF our roads. A skilled machine operator undertakes regular retraining and or assessment. Yet a driver of a machine in motion does not.

100% nanny state, we should just make it harder to get and keep your license, only professionals should be aloud to drive, not everyone can do it, the sooner we except that the better.

Great, but it doesn't appear to go far enough. Anyone who drives without a licence should be charged with murder/attempted murder if they are involved in an accident. A vehicle is a leathal weapon.

I totally agree. Sentenses should be rally tough and reflect the outcome. Death should be counted as murder.

Mr Bennett, The answer to your question is easy. If you undertake at 70mph you are driving dangerously.It is illegal to do some other drivers will not expect you to do it and so could be taken unawares. To base the punishment on the result of what you do, rather than what you did can cause a lot of injustice. For driver falls asleep at the wheel and causes a pile up. Someone is killed and he gets say 10 years in Jail. Another driver falls asleep and causes a similar pile up but luckily nobody is killed. That driver gets 1 year in Prison. But they were both guilty of the same offence????

yes i agree with the change in the law,must state now im not an agresive driver but what about the so called sensible drivers that think its ok to cruise in the middle or out side lanes at dangerous speeds like 50 or 60mph, when i PASS these drivers on the inside lane at 70 mph im classed as dangerous !!!! why.

i have been on the road now for 55yrs and i am very glad that some thing is going to be done ,,, motorway mad ness and other roads 30m .p.h it is not what a young driver knows just put foot down and go we then pay for there silly things at £40 per on our insurance for the uninsurard

About time.

too dear to get to advanced motorist 44 years driving I agree 100%