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Uninsured Drivers could be ‘spied on at the fuel pumps’

It has been reported that the Government is considering a plan that will identify uninsured drivers on garage forecourts when at the fuel pumps

It has been reported that the Government is considering a plan that will identify uninsured drivers on garage forecourts when at the fuel pumps. Cameras that are already installed to prevent motorists from driving off without paying for fuel would be used to cross reference number plates with the DVLA database and any vehicle that shows it is without insurance or tax would be prevented from filling up.

Accountants Ernst & Young are currently working with the Prime Ministers’ Office. Graeme Swan a partner at Ernst & Young said “following a presentation with officials at Number 10, where we suggested the approach, Government is now looking to move this policy forward. The key to this is simplicity. Connecting the existing technology is relatively inexpensive and wouldn’t be a big information technology programme. There shouldn’t be concerns about ‘big brother’ because there is no new database, no vehicles are tracked and no record is kept. It’s simply a new rule of no insurance equals no fuel. The forecourts would have to allow access to their ANPR and fuel dispensation systems but they could be compensated by the insurance industry, which will make significant savings on claims.”

According to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), which is funded by insurers to compensate victims of uninsured drivers, there are about 1.2m rogue motorists on the road today. Police figures show that 10% of drivers in London do not have insurance cover, followed by 9.5% in Merseyside and 8.3% in Manchester. An MIB spokesman said “you are twice as likely to be hit by an uninsured driver in London than anywhere else in the UK.”

It is claimed by Co-operative Insurance that most offenders are young men who believe that the fines if caught work out less than the cost of insurance. The Motoring Organisation AA point out that once drivers are convicted insurance quotes increase which results in the risk of creating a criminal underclass on the roads.


Great idea!! but why announce this to uninsured drivers..i'm sure they will find other ways to purchase their fuel..

Put Road Tax on fuel, people using the road more, pay more tax Vehicle insurance to be displayed on windscreen and maybe MOT

@ Reg Coles-Watson "Ban the sale of fuel cans" Are you for real? - Petrol is used for many other things than just putting in cars

Any system will have flaws, but the point is to have a means of stopping the uninsured from using our roads. And the more tools we have to catch them out, the harder it will be to avoid insurance. Great idea in my opinion.

Good idea, only concern is will this cause more car thefts as when they fill up after being stolen they won't neccessarily flag up as they are insured?

Good idea in principle, but without the vehicle being checked against the reg. no, the uninsured fraternity will just use false plates and fill up with impunity.

malcolm 3x needs to move out of the country and stop ranting about islam GET A back to the suggestion of no insurance GREAT IDEA no insurance no fuel about time someone did something and this seems to do the trick.

A few flaws to this system have been mentioned, very plausible flaws too, especially that the MID takes 2 days to update. How's about a couple that drive a car insured by Mrs X, bit is also driven by Mr X, but Mr X isn't on tje policy. Car insured, driver isn't. A full shake up of the system is required - trying to do it 'on the cheap' is definitely NOT a step forward!

And I drive a fully taxed and insured German registered car in Britain a couple of times a year. Will I and many other visiting motorists to the UK also be unable to buy fuel as my car is not registered with the British DVLA?

They're already doing it in the west midlands because i had a discrepancy with my insurance and i only twice filled up at my local Sainsburys and got 500yards down the road and the traffic police were waiting, as soon as i drove past them they pulled me over and that's no coincidence!!!!

100% for it

To hell with the UK. If it costs more thatn £2millions, it's too much money. I don't see why I should pay tax on anything anymore. When I work and I wanna see a DR, they give me a nurse. I now go private. I don't use the NHS no more. As I don't use the the countries "facilities" nor do I claim JSA or anythng else when I am out of work, I don't wanna pay tax. Tax is theft. They spend my money on things I don't care for. There will always be criminals. As long as you have self rightous people, you will have criminals. But then again. It don't say in no holy book, "one shall drive with insurance" nor does it say "one must drive at no more than 70mph on a uk motorway". I see enough poor people needing education and qualifications. Why are the government leaving everything to the Nation of Islam? The government apparently has no money to educate the poor man or an oppressed man in the UK. However, they have money for some poxy motorist. Kill illuminati!

I now work in oz. When you 'register' your car each year (car tax) you pay for compulsory third party insurance. I know that some people drive without car tax, but I think it is more difficult. Garage idea seems quite good. Could simply compare number plate with DVLA records.

there are definately problems with this... what about traders who have a blanket policy for their cars?.. then there is the one of just bought yourself a new car (typicaly with not enough fuel to get home) you've contacted your insurance when you looked at the car and decided to buy there and then so you can drive home.. unfortunately for the new owner its going to be a few days at least before the dvla database gets updated (i've had this problem trying to get my tax online "after buying on saturday afternoon" so i can drive my new car legaly, had to wait til the post office opened on monday to get it.. my car finaly got on the database 5 days later, which would have meant a week with no fuel to get to work.. good idea in princible but unworkable with the system as is...

My vehicle was insured from June 1st. this year. It was a further six days before the database was updated. All these so called 'good ideas' have issues with them.

For goodness sake, this really can't be that difficult. I can't believe that this type of forecourt surveillance isn't already being done. I'm horrified to learn that 10% of drivers aren't insured and in effect, the rest of us are paying for them. It's time this country stopped messing about and got tough! Enough is enough!

Why not factor an insurance premium into the cost of fuel? This would mean all cars were covered for third party risk. Drive fast, or a big car, or lots of miles, and you pay more for insurance as you will use more fuel. Equally, factor road tax the same way, this would prevent anyone from avoiding road tax. In both cases the extra premium could be calculated on the basis of the average car with the average MPG driving the average number of miles per year. Anyone above or below that average in anyway would pay more or less for insurance and tax.

I can see a big rise in fuel cans being sold and false number plates. who is going to protect the poor forecourt cashier?

Why not have an Insurance disc @ tax disc all in one so the buggers cant get one without the other.

It won't work. My new car was not on the insurance register for 18 months as they had swopped a letter O for a number 0 (zero). It looked the same on the form but my car was not registered on the ANPR.

Is this some sort of a joke.....last April my car was was vandalised by a uninsured male driver. My local station replied ' car owned by a lady who might not remember who was driving it and if you do not have any CCTV or video evidence then nothing can be done ' Beggars belief. Good luck but do not get frustrated if all the effort is in vain.

Great idea. Put the onus onto the petrol station attendants to deal with angry uninsured young men !!!

The DVLA already know which cars are or are not insured. Why not go round and see if they are on the road. If they are fine them. If they can't afford the fine and insurance, crush the car. Even if it's new. They will not do it twice.

it is a good idea as instead of hundreds of police driving about stopping motorists to check insurance they can now try actually stopping people breaking the law if they can be botherd .

how about the cars from abroard that aren't registered in the uk

Until the issue of number plates is brought under (stricter) control this is just promoting yet further cloning. It is laughable that there are 20,000+ number plate outlets in the country yet the Government still rely on number plate recognition to control things such as uninsured cars. If it really is 1.2 million (think about it)rogue drivers out there rather than some number dreamt up on a fag packet then the Government should be playing a much more active role to protect innocent and honest drivers rather than letting the insurance industry rip them off yet further.

This is an OK idea. Anything that deters drivers from driving whilst uninsured gets my support.

whats to stop them walking in with petrol cans.


What another crap idea.... I'm a professional & refuse to pay these idiotic premiums to insure my car, the industry needs a shake up!

Time to invest in lockable petrol caps.

Great Idea but a jerry can allowance would need to be at least a gallon (sorry 5 litres) to service all the generators,mowers etc.

Are 10% of London motorists driving around without valid road tax? Otherwise how do these 10% obtain their road tax disks without being insured?

Brilliant! The sooner it's implemented the better; why should the rest of us pay for chavs driving around in cars that would cost a fortune to insure?

What a great idea I only hope they put it into practice sooner rather than later. Having been a law abiding motorist fo nearly 50 years paying my taxes,insurance allbeit monthly & allways ensuring my mot is up to date & would be delighted to see the cas being crushed & the drivers fined or jailed.enough of my rant get on with it.

brilliant idea. I don't see why insurance payers should continue to pay huge hikes to cover the uninsured. either ban jerry cans or allow filling only into 1 regulation size can (say 2 litres for emergency) at a time ... this can be monitored by the same cameras.

My question is only that as being a motor trader most of the car we drive are without tax and because we have trade insurance so the cars we drive ANPR can catch them easily.

That was Abusalately great idea No more comments after that.

SO Ban the sale of Fuel in Jerry Cans - Simple isn't it?

Something clearly needs to be done about this situation but at the same time an investigtion also needs to be carried out about the massive increases that Insurance Companies have been imposing on premiums in the last year or so shich is making motor insurance more and more expensive. Insurance is more than ever seen as a necessary evil and a catch 22 situation where the companies have the motorist by the 'short & curlies8!

These ideas always sound great in practice. However, the insurance database is, I believe, still privately funded by the insurance industry and thus not guaranteed by the Government to be resiliant and always reliable. There have been reported incidents of the police accusing motorists of being uninsured when they are. What if you take out new insurance, and then can't fill up your car because the system isn't up to date?

I have the same concern as A R. Using Jerry Cans is the obvious solution for those who are hoping to avoid paying for insurance. This would significantly increase the risks of spillage and the incidence of exposure of highly flammable liquids on garage forecourts and in their own homes => more injuries and fatalities.

Great Idea, anything which makes driving inconvenient for uninsured drivers must be a good idea.

as someone has allready mentioned these unisured drivers will just go out and buy fuel cans or they will siphon fuel .it will stop a few uninsured drivers but not all

And what about the old people,they never have accident,they have more than 40 years no claimes,and they drive less and less ewery years!but theyre road tax,and theyre insurance still keep going on ewery year!Surely in any thing in life if you consume less you should pay less??

While there at it why don't they restructure the road tax putting it on the price of fuel so the more you drive the more you contribute isn't that a more fair idea?

So what is stopping them filling up Jerry Cans instead then ?