posted 8 years ago

Updated Nissan X-Trail SUV

From October, customers purchasing the Nissan X-Trail will benefit from a series of extensive updates

From October, customers purchasing the Nissan X-Trail will benefit from a series of extensive updates. The most obvious changes to the Nissan X-Trail have been made to the frontal aspect with a complete redesigned grille, headlights and bumper assembly. The bumper is angled outwards which suggests a wider track and more solid stance. The lights on the Nissan X-Trail are more technical in appearance with either Xenon or halogen projectors (depending on grade) for the main lights and halogen parabole for the high beam. At the rear, the Nissan X-Trail’s distinctive vertical lights have been updated to incorporate LED light technology for the running lights and braking.

The Nissan X-Trails’ dimensions have slightly changed as a result of the exterior updates; the overall length has increased by 10mm as a result of the redesigned front end, while the height and width also increase by 10mm due to the increase in tyre width and diameter.

The interior of the Nissan X-Trail has improved in comfort and quality, materials have been updated and thicker soft touch materials have been chosen for the cloth seats. Rear occupant comfort has been improved thanks to redesigned front seats, creating an additional 10mm of knee-room, without compromising on comfort for the front seat occupants. The rear tonneau cover material has also been upgraded. To ensure that drivers and passengers returning to the Nissan X-Trail in cold conditions can defrost as quickly as possible, the heating system has been upgraded for quicker warm-up, as well as more efficient cooling in hot conditions. Nissan’s vice president for sales and marketing Vincent Wijnen said “all of these changes will reinforce the Nissan X-Trail as one of the few genuine compact SUVs which can just as comfortably tackle the demands of everyday family life, as it can a muddy, slippery track when it transports a family for a weekend of adventure.”


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im in the market for a used car, initially i was drawn to the auris by its shape surpisingly, (having read so many negative reviews about it). but now im tottally conviced its a very smart buy having read your review thanks