posted 7 years ago

Used Alfa Romeo GT Inspires Tightrope Walkers

Purchasing a used Alfa Romeo GT is like walking a narrow tightrope between two mountain tops

Purchasing a used Alfa Romeo GT is like walking a narrow tightrope between two mountain tops. Sure, the experience will leave your senses tingling with excitement - but there is also a voice in your head screaming 'what on earth am I doing'?

This is because the GT's vices are as prominent as its virtues. On the positive side, and most importantly for most consumers, owning a GT means you can slap down the keys to a fashionable Italian coupé in front of your mates. You can then watch them turn green with envy as you fire-up the 3.2-litre 240bhp V6 engine. This propels the GT to 60mph in 6.5 seconds and on to a maximum 151mph.

On the downside your mates may not be too impressed with the handling. The standard GT feels vague and unremarkable, and the steering is rather lifeless. However, the Q2 limited-slip differential fitted to the 1.9-litre diesel makes life more tolerable for enthusiastic drivers. This improves the front-wheel traction, particularly in slippery conditions, so it is far easier to find the perfect line through challenging corners.

One further consideration for potential buyers is reliability. The GT feels more robust than previous Alfa offerings, but so do most properly constructed paper aeroplanes. Build quality is therefore 'okay' overall, but the interior feels like it is constructed from soggy cardboard. Best stick to German machinery for the ultimate build quality.

So, should motoring enthusiasts walk the Alfa Romeo GT tightrope? If you have a passion for stylish Italian sports cars then yes, go for it.'s used car database reveals five year old examples cost from £9,000. But view the GT as a fashion statement, a bit of fun – and not a seriously capable machine to keep forever. Just enjoy this vehicle for what it is. A plain, straight forward, Alfa Romeo.