posted 8 years ago

Used Audi Q7 Inspires Challenger Tank Lovers

The used Audi Q7 is a monstrous sports-utility vehicle for those who cannot afford a multi-million pound Challenger tank.

The used Audi Q7 is a monstrous sports-utility vehicle for those who cannot afford a multi-million pound Challenger tank. This is because the two-tonne Q7 resembles its military compadre by being tougher than a commando, stronger than a heavyweight boxer, and more capable than Albert Einstein.

This four-wheel drive leviathan is available with a range of impressive engines. The closest to the tank's power plant is the 6.0-litre 493bhp V12, which propels the Q7 to 60mph in only 5.3 seconds. Very impressive for a vehicle the size of Jupiter. The major downside to this licence loosing acceleration is that it only averages 25mpg, so you will soon be on first name terms with the petrol station manager.

A more economical model for cash concious commandos is the 3.0-litre 236bhp 'clean diesel'. This variant, which was produced from July 2009, reaches 60mph in 8.2 seconds and returns a combined average of 31mpg. This comparative frugality means the 3.0-litre's carbon emissions are 234g/km compared to the 6.0-litre's 298g/km. Better, but twelve months road tax still costs a budget busting £425.

Once you have stopped wincing at the sky high running costs, it is time to enjoy the Q7's handling. Despite its 'off-road' credentials this prestigious SUV has impressive on-road manners. There is very little little body roll considering the class, the steering is precise, and the ride extremely comfortable. This is partly due to the adjustable suspension that, when set to comfort, is more cosseting than a week long massage.

Off-road the Q7 is equally impressive. Okay, it lacks the class leading capabilities of the Land Rover Discovery, but it can confidently conquer tricky terrain when rolling on mud-plunging tyres. The suspension, as well as being adjustable for comfort/sportiness, can be configured for higher ground clearance. This allows the Q7 to tackle 31 degree inclines, and plough through up to 535mm of water. Great, sounds perfect for the school run.

The Q7 earns further plaudits for its practicality. You can choose a model with five, six, or even seven seats depending how many people want to ride in your spacious SUV. There is also plenty of luggage capacity, as even with seven occupants the Q7 can hold up to 330 litres of Challenger tank memorabilia. This can be increased to 775 litres if you abandon a few passengers and fold away the third row of seats.

Those lucky enough not to be dumped by the roadside will be impressed by the Q7's specification. Standard models feature electronic stability control, parking sensors, electrically door mirrors, and climate control - and the SE adds leather upholstery and heated seats. The top of the range S variant also get 20” alloy wheels and a sumptuous suede style interior. Very nice too.

So, there we go - the mighty Audi Q7. A robustly constructed alternative to the Volvo XC90 and BMW X5. Prices for 2007 models, according to's used car database, start at £25,000. Granted, that is a lot of money for a used vehicle – but it is still considerably cheaper than a new Challenger tank.