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Used cars at Tesco?

Supermarket giant Tesco has sent shockwaves through the secondhand car industry with plans to launch its own used motors website.

Supermarket giant Tesco has sent shockwaves through the secondhand car industry with plans to launch its own used motors website.

If the rumours are true Tesco will look to mark itself apart from the negative view it thinks its customers have of dealers by offering what it thinks will be a better car buying experience. What will worry franchised dealers the most is that Tesco has a very strong brand name and if successful it could mean supply of used cars will dry up and prices increase.

It is reported that Tesco hopes to drive the scheme through later this year and has already been in secret talks with the country’s biggest ex-fleet car provider Motability. Motability has access to 560,000 cars per year, with about 200,000 popular makes such as Ford and Vauxhall coming onto the market at the end of their lease life. Trade insiders said Tesco has been working on its project for a year and has already prepared the website address in ready for an April launch on the market.

The industry is understandably worried about such a big brand wading into their territory. deals with a huge number of car retailers every day and says the news is a huge worry. Founder and Director of Chris Green said "Tesco is likely to market this in a way that will target dealers and that won't be good news. This worries me, and I'm sure it worries dealers too. In a year when many businesses are struggling to survive and looking to the secondhand market to keep them going, a big player like Tesco entering the market could send them under."

Chris Green also commented "The potential backlash that Motability would receive from the manufacturer is massive - Motability is a charity supported by car manufacturers and franchised dealers and a used car project with Tesco would not go down well at all."

Tesco refused to comment about any plans to sell used cars and a spokesman said the reports were only "speculation".

good news for everyone because if tesco will start selling second hand cars then tesco will be mcdonalds in car industry,every little help

god well done to you

Ultimately if this move drives prices upwards Due to supply. The uk will suffer as a collective So this is going to damage the economy and The individual

I think the way its going,its shocking news for everyone.if Tesco take open used car shop online more people will suffer.small business will go bust and general people will be hard to buy car.

tesco picked the right time sell cars cheap well dealers are strugging put a lot of them out of business take a big share of the car market then up the price and we jo public have very little choice but to buy from tesco who pay very little tax back to this country, youve been warned

I think it is a great idia if it is done the tesco way which up to know has been great in everything else it has done

A lotof car dealers deserve the kick in the pants, however its the good ones that dont but they will survive on thier good reputation and repeat customers.

secondhand cars fae tesco WoW

If the dealers arent screwing the punters to the wall then they have nothing to wrry about. Its the ones who are bent as roundabouts who should be worried and hopefully the market will react by finally telling us buyers the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

No smoke without fire. Since january there has been a distinct lack of motorbility stock so its definitely going somewhere already. Charity my a##e, they get 38% discount up front, lend them to the most disgusting users then have the audacity to ask us cap clean for the salvage. I would call that fraud but as we know every one tries to exploit the motor trade-even charities now.

Tesco should stick to what they do best and build as many supermarkets as they can and to profit from the general public with such high priced goods why let them destroy the smaller businesses they should not be allowed to do this Tesco are greedy why must they destroy other peoples lives

i think it is great news, there are to many dodgy second hand car dealers out there, and if tesco bring down the price like they have our shopping, it may stimulate the second hand car market,and who knows we may even get club points with it

We are a petrol retailer and used car dealer. We have seen Tesco take away our fuel sales now they want to take away a bit more of us. I represent all the car dealers in the country they will feel the same. These people TESCO will not be happy till they take over the whole of Uk . They have taken over every business they can closed all the small shops ect. THEY NEED STOPING


Competition is not always a bad thing! However, if these used cars represent outstanding value then dealers beware!

Brilliant - buy your used car from a trusted source and get loads of lovely Tesco Points as well (and then trade the points towards a holiday and keep the Missus happy as well!!)