posted 1 year ago

Used Cars Got a Whole Lot Easier

As you know - we're moving to Regit, so here's what's new.

We asked you, our users what you wanted when buying a used car, and the message came back loud and clear. You wanted to know that the deal you were offered was a good one, that the dealer wasn’t a rogue and that in our time-poor lives, it was convenient and local to you.

So we’ve added a deal rating on every car, so you can see what the market value of every used car should be, whether it is well priced or over-optimistic. We’ve even added the days the car has been in stock and any price changes. Knowledge is power…to you.

We’ve also rated nearly every dealer from every area of the country that we have on the site, so you can get a super deal from a great dealer near you and not a lemon from a melon!

In this new spirit of transparency, we’ve also brought in the MOT history for every used car over 3 years old so you can see how your next ride has been treated and anything it ever failed its MOT on.

Our mission is to make motoring easier, to take the time and stress out of your whole car owning lifecycle. We like to think of it as a bit like a TripAdvisor, but for cars.  Enjoy.

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