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Used Diesels That Average 70mpg

Excuse me.... would you like a used diesel that averages over 70mpg?

Excuse me... would you like a used diesel that averages over 70mpg? If so, try the Fiat 500 1.3 MultiJet Lounge. This city car is kinder to the environment than a Greenpeace manifesto. Why? Because it averages 72.4mpg rising to 85.6mpg on the extra-urban cycle. It is also fun to drive, looks tremendous, and fashionable enough to make your neighbours explode with jealousy. The Fiat 500 1.3 MultiJet Lounge has a new list price of £13,760, but a 2011 example with 10,000 miles on the clock could be waving your environmental flag from £11,000. That is the independent dealer retail price, so pay closer to £10,000 for a private example in good condition. Pay less, if it has a flagpole in the roof.

Excuse me... would you like to slide into a super-efficient French supermini? If so, try the Peugeot 207 Oxygo+1.6 HDi. This uses less fuel than driftwood on the River Seine. It therefore averages 74.3mpg increasing to 85.6mpg on an extra-urban cruise. It also has plenty of gadgets to keep motorists happy as they risk life and limb in Paris. As such air- conditioning, Bluetooth, and MP3 playback are standard features. Throw-in a reasonably composed chassis, fair ride, and quirky looks and it becomes clear that this French run- around deserves consideration. Pay £9,000 for a 2011 example from an independent dealer, or £8,750 privately. What a contrast to the £14,095 new list price. Long live France.

Excuse me.... would you like a diesel that only few people have heard of? If so, try the super-efficient Hyundai i20 1.4 CRDi Blue. This supermini burns less fuel than a solar powered calculator. In fact, it averages 76.4mpg rising to 80.7mpg on the extra-urban cycle. But how much? A new i20 1.4 CRDi Blue has a list price of £13,445, but a 2011 model that has covered 10,000 miles could be sipping your fuel for less than £10,000. That is the independent dealer price, private vehicles in excellent condition sell for £9,400. The cherry on our solar powered calculator is that the i20 1.4 CRDi Blue produces 89bhp, hits 62mph in 13.4s, has pleasing handling, and a maximum five-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

Excuse me... would you like an even more fuel efficient used diesel? If so, try the Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Edge ECOnetic. This run-around burns less fuel than a lazy snail. In fact, it averages a staggering 78.5mpg and returns 88.3mpg on an extra-urban run. This complements the Fiesta's engaging handling, stunning styling, and fashionable image. That brings us to cost. A 2011 example – which has covered an average mileage – could be parked next to your pet snail for £10,300. Again, that is the independent dealer price so private vehicles should sell for hundreds less. What a contrast to its £14,445 new list price.

Excuse me.... we must now consider the best of the best. The Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TDI BlueMotion is more efficient than a German bureaucrat. As such, this eco-champion averages a highly organised 80.7mpg rising to an unbelievable 91.1mpg on the extra- urban cycle. Polo BlueMotion virtues also include rock-solid build quality, understated looks, and effortless handling. A new model costs £15,210, but expect to pay £11,800 for a 2011 example from an independent dealer. Or, buy privately for £11,300. Choices, choices.

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it's impossible to obtain the manufacturer mpg why? simple.. john has a heavier foot than joe, also all vehicle specifications are measured in laboratory conditions, these things dont take john into account, nor do they take into account a good cornish wind blowing against it, and the hill it has to climb to get to penzance. there is always going to be a natural cause effecting an engines economy, there will always be somesort of margin of error in terms of the vehicles on board computer, but it is very good considering most of the achievement in economy is made by the computer.

I have recently purchased a '09 Chrysler Sebring. It's a big,big car with oodles of spec. The VW passat 2.0 diesel engine does a regular 50+ on an urban mix according to the computer but regular mileage checks against fuel intput show a more realistic 45mpg. For a car that size I'm chuffed to bits. The spec on extras is phenominal considering the price......highly recommended despite the computer error.

5mpg from a car that was made 30 years ago,get a grip,let it go. The woman's 9n3 polo bluemotion averages 74 mpg and just myself in it doing 45-55 steady on a motorway,the m8 as its mostly a 50 gets 98 mpg. Quicker you wise up to these cars you will save a fortune.woman tops up polo every 10 week' Audi a2 a 04 plate does 60 mpg

There's too much reliance on car computers these days,sorry to report. A true indication is a tank to tank fill up plus speedo error correction of say 3-10%. THEN you'd get a more accurate reading. My 1983 mk1 Jetta Diesel averaged 55 mpg winter/summer,but the adverts said 60 mpg

Had showing on comp 76 mpg driving down from Sunderland to Mbro @ 60 mph from my 6 speed 2.2 tdci st mondeo

If these cars don't do there quoted average, it's because of the driver. Mu ford focus 1.6tdci does 50mpg when I'm not thinking about fuel econmony, and comfortably 63mpg when I am. The book says 59mpg. The difference is the driver.

Nothing new there really, as i have had 70mpg from a 1991 Fiat panda before, heck even a 1955 Austin A35 can get 60mpg. Also heard of people with mid 90s Passat diesels getting 60mpg while towing a caravan.

Utter garbage - none of these cars will average anywhere near 70mpg as a daily driver. Plus with a basic spec its gonna be a boring commute.