posted 4 years ago

Used European Tyres Blamed For Half Million UK Accidents

Motorists say part-worn tyres from continent were faulty when fitted

A million UK motorists who have bought part-worn tyres say they “failed” because of damage present when they were fitted, a Kwik Fit survey claims.

Furthermore, the perception of 657,000 drivers – that might or might not reflect reality – is that they “experienced loss of grip or control as a result of poor quality of tyres”.

475,000 think they had an accident “as a result of the lack of grip on the tyres”, and 648,000 experienced “other problems”. 593,000 cars with used tyres failed the next MOT.

One of the dangers of buying part-worn tyres – the vehicle repairer claims - is that their condition might “not have been properly checked”.

They were removed from their original vehicles for a reason, after all – and such a reason might be difficult to ascertain.

Kwik Fit says that nearly 3 million drivers bought part-worn tyres within the last year. However, 83% of survey respondents would not.  48% worry that there might be hidden damage, 47% say that new tyres perform better, and 44% think they are a false economy.

Imported by the container load

Roger Griggs, Communications Director at Kwik Fit, said: “This research highlights the problems that British drivers have experienced with part-worn tyres.  

Many of the second hand tyres sold in the UK are brought in from Europe by the container-load, having been taken off cars across the Channel. 

Motorists considering a part worn tyre should perhaps ask why a tyre that is no longer good enough for a Dutch, German or Danish driver would be good enough for them.

We recognise that drivers are keen to keep their motoring costs low, (but) there comes a point where cutting costs can compromise safety and this is especially true with tyres.

After all, these are the only thing connecting a car with the road, so we urge drivers to consider whether they really need to opt for the unknown quality of second hand tyres.”