posted 8 years ago

Used Ford Mondeo Estate Suits Mondeo Estate Lovers

The used Ford Mondeo estate is the best vehicle for those who want a Ford Mondeo – and an estate

The used Ford Mondeo estate is the best vehicle for those who want a Ford Mondeo – and an estate. This may be more obvious than a Page 3 girl, but some people ignore this capable machine because of its unfashionable over familiarity. They can then spend hours trawling through various alternatives and get stuck with an inferior vehicle. So, if you want a used Mondeo estate, be proud - ignore the rep-mobile image and go for it.

The current fourth generation Mondeo estate was introduced in 2007 and has numerous load lugging qualities. These include a vast standard storage area that can be increased to 1,733 litres by folding the rear seats flat. This complements the optional sliding floor which, when extended beyond the rear bumper, can support up to 120KG of 'I love my Mondeo badges'.

Now, having spent a copious sum having these badges manufactured you may be keen to get home economically. Fortunately, the Mondeo is available with various engines that have a pathological aversion to gas guzzling. These include the 2.0-litre 115PS diesel that returns a combined average of 53.3mpg, the 1.6-litre 125PS petrol that averages 39.2mpg, and the 2.0-litre 163 PS diesel that sips fuel at a rate of 50.4mpg. Very nice too.

More great news is that the Mondeo handles like a train on rails. This means your bits and pieces should remain static in the boot, rather than rolling around like a pig in mud. This versatile estate achieves its class-leading handling thanks to firm suspension, precise steering, and smooth flexible transmissions. The Mondeo is also very reliable, so it is unlikely to leave you thumbing a lift to the nearest Vauxhall dealership.

According to's used car database, prices for three year old examples of the fourth generation Mondeo estate start at the bargain price of £9,000. Long live Ford's rep-mobile.