posted 8 years ago

Used Jaguar XF's Ego Causes Parking Issues

The used Jaguar XF's ego is so vast it can barely squeeze into a parking space

The used Jaguar XF's ego is so vast it can barely squeeze into a parking space. This is because, since its introduction in 2008, this BMW 5 Series rival has been constantly praised by virtually every motoring journalist in Britain. Well, let's not allow this review to break with convention.

The XF is Jaguar's mid range saloon. It sits one sector above the now retired X Type and one below the top of the range XJ Series. Engines come in various flavours, including the smooth 2.7-litre 204bhp diesel. This variant is a great choice as it combines effortless performance with cost conscious frugality. Sixty miles-per-hour appears in only 7.7 seconds, and the 2.7-litre diesel sips fuel at an economically minded 37mpg.

Those who crave more performance may prefer the 3.0-litre 271bhp V6 diesel, or the mighty 4.2-litre 410bhp supercharged variant. The latter hits 60mph in 5.1 seconds and rockets to a road melting 155mph. Pretty impressive for a hefty saloon that is available with satellite navigation, parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, heated/cooling seats, and a rear view parking camera.

Now, the XF would not be a proper Jaguar if it handled like a jelly on stilts – it would be an old Citroen. Fortunately, the XF's designers knew what they were doing and produced an inspiring thoroughbred. The suspension beautifully balances the need for cornering rigidity with passenger comfort, and the steering is light at low speed and heavier for better feel when pushing hard towards the apex. This complements the smooth transmission and the confidence inspiring brakes.

Purchasing a used Jaguar XF, even at two years old, still requires no less than £24,000 of your hard earned cash. That is quite a price, but the XF is clearly a magnificent vehicle and worth every penny. After all, you only live once.