posted 9 years ago

Used Land Rover Freelander 2 More Versatile Than Opera Singer

The used Land Rover Freelander 2 is more versatile than an opera singer's voice

The used Land Rover Freelander 2 is more versatile than an opera singer's voice, more comfortable than a luxury sofa, and better looking than a million pound cheque. This is because, unlike some 'off-road' vehicles that have the mud plunging capability of a scooter, the Freelander 2 is very accomplished on the rough stuff.

This is partly due to the four-wheel drive system which, above S specification, is teamed with the terrain response system. This allows enthusiastic motorists to change the set-up, e.g. throttle, differential, etc. according to the conditions. This includes a setting for snow, mud, sand, and even some of that weird tarmac stuff. So, the Freelander 2 can bounce along muddy lanes then revert to being a comfortable, precise, and relaxing road vehicle.

The Freelander's creditable handling complements the two engines, both of which were available from launch in 2006. The most popular is the 2.2-litre 157bhp diesel that propels the Freelander to 60mph in 10.9 seconds, and on to 112mph. Average fuel consumption is 37mpg, which is far better than its petrol powered 3.2-litre sibling. This 229bhp V6 averages 25mpg, so it is perfect for those who also own an oil refinery. It also hits 60mph in 8.4 seconds and feels more flexible than a dolphin in water.

According to's database, prices for the used Land Rover Freelander 2 start at £13,000. This is for a three year old example. Upon taking ownership you can admire the specification that, even in basic form, includes the key-less starter and eight speaker stereo system. The top of the range HSE also has satellite navigation and automatic headlights to illuminate your way over tricky terrain. All you need now is that £1,000,000 cheque to buy a mountain range to drive over.