posted 7 years ago

Used Renault Twingo Resembles Marmite

The used Renault Twingo is a bit like Marmite

The used Renault Twingo is a bit like Marmite. No, this is not because you squeeze it from a small black jar onto your toast, but because you either love it or hate it. The Twingo was introduced to the UK in 2007 and rivals vehicles such as the Ford Ka and Toyota Aygo. However, it stands out from the competition due to its quirky French styling and distinctive character.

This affordable run-around, which is listed in used car database from only £5,000, comes with a choice of three 1.2-litre petrol engines. These have outputs of 59, 73, and 98bhp. The most powerful variant reaches 60mph in 9.5 seconds and returns a combined average of 49mpg. Alternatively, the 59bhp model is slightly more economical but it feels strained and takes until the end of time to hit sixty – okay, 14.5 seconds.

The Twingo's handling is - and I am being reasonably kind here - less inspiring than burned toast without a yeast based topping. Okay, the steering is light for easy parking, but it also feels vague on faster roads. There is also too much body roll for a comfortable ride and the overall driving experience is unremarkable. That said, the Twingo will get you from A to B without fuss and that is all many motorists want.

Standard equipment, as fitted to the recently introduced Freeway model, includes twin air-bags, anti-lock brakes, and a CD stereo for playing your Marmite tribute song. Extreme models add side air-bags and a rev-counter, and the Dynamic has two independent rear seats that slide forward to increase luggage capacity to 959 litres. There is also space for four adults, although rear access is awkward as the Twingo is only a three door vehicle.

So, there we go. The used Renault Twingo, by no means the best city car available but distinctive enough to appeal to many run-around drivers. Just don't be tempted to spread it into a sandwich.