posted 7 years ago

Used Vauxhall Corsa Inspires Bike Lovers

The used Vauxhall Corsa is the perfect supermini for those who want to grab their bicycle

The used Vauxhall Corsa is the perfect supermini for those who want to grab their bicycle, saddle-up, and race round the forest like a possessed roadrunner. This is due to the 'flex-fix' system that makes transporting bikes easier than making a cheese sandwich. This feature, which is optional on Exclusiv, SE, and SXi models, emerges like a secret draw from the rear bumper to reveal a two bicycle carrier.

Bike loving motorists then simply attach the supplied rear lights to the carrier, pop on their bikes, and head to the cycle track. The only potential problem is that drivers may forget there is an extended load hanging from the rear, and reverse it into a tree. Fortunately, Vauxhall have predicted this issue and supplied a solution. When the bicycle carrier is extended and reverse gear engaged, an acoustic warning sounds to remind the driver his beloved two-wheeled friend is hooked on the back.

Now, cyclists may love peddle power but fortunately the Corsa is available with various engines. These start with the sluggish 1.0-litre 59bhp petrol unit, but a more enjoyable choice is the 1.4-litre 98bhp variant. This hits 62mph in 11.3 seconds and returns a respectable, but unremarkable, combined average of 51mpg. Diesel lovers are also catered for with the 1.7-litre 123bhp model that averages 7mpg more than the 1.4-litre, and feels considerably more flexible.

The current Corsa's handling is also pretty good, which is a stark contrast to the original 1993 model that has the refinement of a penny farthing. There is plenty of traction for confident cornering, the brakes are good, and the ride comfortable. Okay, the steering lacks feel but the overall experience is accomplished enough to satisfy most run-around motorists - particularly those more familiar with the kind of transport that has a front mounted basket.

The current generation Corsa was introduced in 2006 so there are plenty of previously enjoyed examples on the market. In fact,'s database reveals the used Vauxhall Corsa is available from £5,250. That is roughly £1,250 less than the Felt AR1 carbon fibre road bike.