posted 8 years ago

Used Volkswagen Jetta is Master of Disguise

The used Volkswagen Jetta is a master of disguise, so it is the perfect undercover vehicle for secret agents

The used Volkswagen Jetta is a master of disguise, so it is the perfect undercover vehicle for secret agents. This is because, despite appearances to the contrary, it is essentially a VW Golf sporting a saloon boot costume. Now, any machine based on the Golf is off to a great start - so let's consider the Jetta's credentials.

The engines, many of which are pinched from its aforementioned sibling, come in various shapes and sizes. One of the best is the 2.0-litre 138bhp diesel that propels the Jetta to 60mph in 9.4 seconds, and averages 50mpg. Very handy for 'unexpected, treasury funded, foreign trips'. Alternatively, those who favour petrol power can choose the 2.0-litre 197bhp variant that is capable of charging to 60mph in 7 seconds, and towards the border at 146mph.

Handling-wise, guess what, the Jetta is very similar to the Golf. This means sure footed traction, a firm yet comfortable ride, slick transmission, and beautifully weighted steering. These characteristics complement the safety features that include electronic stability control and hydraulic brake assist. Should the Jetta be nudged into a ditch by enemy spies, the occupants will be protected by a coalition of front, passenger, and curtain air-bags.

Now, every agent needs toys and the Jetta is happy to oblige. Basic S models have rain sensing wipers and automatic headlights, and the SE adds a leather steering wheel and gear knob – perhaps with an ejector seat button. The Sport trim has stiffer suspension than its pals, sports seats, and large 17” alloy wheels. However, I would stick to the SE as this trim suits the vehicle and nicely blends in at the embassy.

According to's database, four year old examples of the used Volkswagen Jetta are listed with 'buy safe' sellers from £6,000. Not bad for a robustly constructed and capable saloon. So, your vehicle – should you choose to accept it – is the excellent VW Jetta.