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Vauxhall Agila SE 1.2 Finance

Vauxhall Agila SE 1.2 Finance Calculator

Buying a Vauxhall Agila SE 1.2 is easier than catching fish in a pond. Why? Because drivers can tweak its manufacturer’s finance terms to suit their lifestyles. Let us consider an example. Fred the Fisherman loves this compact people carrier as it is perfect for taking kids to school and carrying fishing supplies. Vauxhall's Flexible Finance Calculator says that its cash price is £12,125 and that they will contribute £500 towards a deposit. Good thing too as Fred has spent his savings on fishing rods. He therefore chooses not to add to the deposit contribution. However, Fred has a big income so opts to buy the car over a short period, specifically two years. This equates to monthly payments of £484.38 which totals £12,125.12 throughout the term (including deposit contribution). Fred could, however, make smaller payments over any number of months up to sixty - so his payments could fall to £193.75. Plus, if he sells his fishing tackle to raise a deposit this would further reduce his monthly commitment. And there is more good news. However long Fred's contract – and whatever size his deposit – the representative interest is 0.0%.

Vauxhall Agila SE 1.2 Finance Review

The Vauxhall Agila SE 1.2 is a compact people carrier about the size of a Corsa. However, it is taller and this increased headroom makes it feel more spacious. This five-door workhorse also has plenty of leg room so Fred's kids are comfortable on their way to school. There is also a respectable – but modest – 225-litre boot for their P.E. kits. But after the school run Fred can fold the rear seats flat to create a large 1,050-litre cargo bay for his fishing equipment. This is comparable to some far more expensive family cars. The Agila is also easy to drive through town thanks to its light steering, excellent visibility, and tight turning circle. However, it arguably feels less refined than some of its rivals at speed. On the plus side, the 94PS petrol engine propels Fred to 62mph in 12 seconds. Not bad. This four-cylinder power plant also averages 55.4mpg so running costs are pleasingly low. There is plenty of equipment too. Highlights include: air-conditioning, electric mirrors, electric front windows, and the CD player. This complements the modern looks and reassuring build quality which suggest it should last until Fred's kids are old enough to catch their own fish. But would Fred swap it for a record breaking cod?