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Vauxhall Corsa Exclusiv 1.3CDTi Finance – May 27

Vauxhall Corsa Exclusiv 1.3CDTi 16v (95PS) ecoFlex

My electric toothbrush costs more to run than the Vauxhall Corsa Exclusiv 1.3CDTi 16v (95PS) ecoFlex (or so it seems). This supermini therefore averages – yes averages – 85.6mpg rising to 91.1mpg on the extra-urban cycle. Even through town it returns 76.3mpg. Pleasingly, despite the frugality it also hits 62mph in a fair 12.3 seconds. This workhorse's low fuel consumption ensures it has rock-bottom emissions too - so it sits in road tax band A/£0. Insurance is also cheap thanks to its Group 8 rating (of 50). Irrespective of the running costs, the Vauxhall Corsa Exclusiv 1.3CDTi 16v (95ps) ecoFlex is a capable car. Strengths include the light steering, smooth five-speed manual transmission and confident cornering that make motoring easy. It also has a spacious cabin that comfortably seats four people and five can squeeze-in at a push. This complements the class-competitive 285-litre boot that can be increased to 1,050-litres by folding the rear seats flat. The only negative is that the equipment specification is (arguably) a little sparse considering the £14,900 price tag. As such highlights include the: front electric windows, electric mirrors, MP3 connectivity and CD player. This Vauxhall Corsa does, however, also have a start/stop system that saves fuel by automatically switching-off the diesel engine when stationary. This might be at a red light or during a traffic jam. It then re-starts within a second of the driver pressing the clutch to engage first gear. This on/off system can be unnerving initially but works nicely.

Vauxhall Corsa Exclusiv 1.3CDTi 16v (95PS) ecoFlex Finance

The Corsa Exclusiv 1.3CDTi 16v (95PS) ecoFlex is available via Vauxhall's Flexible Finance Calculator. As such, the finance terms can be tweaked to suit your requirements. You can therefore influence the size of the deposit, the monthly repayments and the length of the contract. The manufacturer will also contribute £750 towards your deposit. If you choose not to increase this sum – and purchase the vehicle over the minimum twenty-four month period – the regular payments will be £589.59 (0% APR representative). This within a few pence totals £14,900 including the manufacturer's contribution. You could, however, make smaller payments over any number of months up to sixty so the instalments could fall to £235.84. Plus, adding to the manufacturer's deposit would further reduce your monthly commitment. But either way you benefit from this supermini's rock-bottom running costs. Now where did I leave that toothbrush?