posted 8 years ago

Vauxhall's new 'snow socks'

Vauxhall's new 'snow socks' for tyres have arrived at just the right time as the snow starts

Vauxhall’s new ‘snow socks’ for tyres have arrived at just the right time as the snow starts to cause havoc in parts of the UK. Vauxhall claim that the new ‘snow socks’ are more effective over ice and snow than winter tyres and far less cumbersome than snow chains.

The ‘snow socks’ are a pair of fabric snow chains that slip over the driven tyres of your car to provide extra grip. The ‘snow socks’ can be used at speeds of up to 50mph but Vauxhall stress that they should be used for vital journeys only and that drivers should ‘travel substantially slower than this’. Vauxhalls ‘snow socks can be used on any make/model of car. A set of two ‘snow socks’ can be purchased from any Vauxhall retailer priced at £49.99.


The snow socks would be fantastic, especially given the recent weather and forecast, however when you check the Vauxhall dealers they have none in stock and are unable to tell you when they will be in again.

I've just been in vauxhall dealer in lincoln and they told me that they never heard about the winter sock. Strange

i like these. i have to go to school 3 times a day and it just gives you that extra peace of mind. lets be honest, when you've got kids in the car you'll do anything to make your journey safe and short of buying a pricey 4x4 jeep or something they are ideal for the price. simple too. i use them on my 52 plate astra. would recommend to anyone!

Snow socks are available via Amazon and Halfords

There's nothing new about this product, we have been using snow socks on our S-max for four years. They are ideal for cars with limited clearance between the tyre and suspension strut that cannot take snow chains.