posted 4 years ago

Vehicle Write-Offs Worth £2Billion

Reports suggest that the estimated number of write-offs in the UK over the last twelve months has reached a massive 257,000 which amounts to £2 billion.

Accident Exchange 

Accident Exchange believe that dealerships rarely provide adequate post accident care when dealing with vehicle write-offs and they do not take up the sales opportunity following a total loss. Accident Exchange try to help motorists get back on the road with a replacement vehicle as quickly as possible, the leads provided to dealerships are quite often never followed up. 

More insurance write-offs in the winter months

The report also highlighted that November sees more insurance write-offs than any other month indicating a summer-winter divide. The fewest total losses are during the summer months; May, June and July. Another surprising statistic is that new car owners are more susceptible with more than 2% of vehicles written off being less than twelve months old. 

One in Ten car crashes result in write-off 

Figures show that one in ten car crashes result in a total loss, dealers are most certainly missing out on car write-off sales opportunities. Post accident leads provide additional revenue for dealerships resulting in selling more cars and offering a better customer service

If your vehicle is a write off

Remember to fill in section 9 of your V5C registration certificate and send it to the DVLA. Give the remainder of the V5C to your insurance company. You will also receive a refund of the vehicle road tax for any full remaining months.