posted 4 years ago

Video Test: How Quickly Can New Hyundai i20 Connect To Smartphone?

New Generation Hyundai i20 Reignites Battle Of The Sexes

Hyundai has reignited the battle of the sexes by testing on video which is quickest to connect a smartphone to a New Generation i20. 

The purpose of the test is to prove how easily the supermini connects to devices – a process that can be tedious elsewhere. 

The clash takes place at the Paris Motor Show with protagonists Laura and Gareth, who are “both avid music fans”. The master of ceremonies is Dennis Elsweier, a Hyundai Product Marketing Manager.

The protagonists must start at the side of a stage close to two vehicles. On the count of three, each has to run to a New Generation i20, connect it to a smartphone via Bluetooth, place the mobile device in a dock mounted to the dashboard, choose a song then hit play. The winner can claim to have the best musical taste. 

As Dennis finishes the count Laura and Gareth race towards the vehicles and climb in. Gareth has trouble starting Bluetooth on his smartphone whereas Laura quickly pairs her device to the vehicle. 

Gareth's struggle amuses the master of ceremonies who – in a light hearted manner - suggests he “could be a bit quicker”. Gareth's problems continue as he turns up the volume on the stereo before hitting play on the phone, but he takes the setback in good humour.

Seconds later Laura picks a song, turns up the stereo and places her mobile phone in the dashboard dock. Her time is 45.17 seconds.

Laura and Gareth then return to the side of the stage where the winner is congratulated as the runner-up licks his wounds. Dennis suggests the car has a “great technology package with a super sound system”. 

New Generation i20: Bluetooth And Smartphone Dock Availability

Bluetooth and the smartphone dock are standard on the Premium and Premium SE trim. The mid-spec SE also has Bluetooth and – as part of a launch offer – the dock which is normally an optional extra. 

The Premium and Premium SE also have a sophisticated stereo that incorporates two speakers in the front doors, two speakers in the rear doors and two tweeters. These complement the RDS radio and CD player.

Whereas Bluetooth is only available on mid/high specification trims, mobile devices can be connected via USB/AUX in every model. 

Laura's victory can be seen here: